1 August 2013

Lately :: Winter Scenes Part One

So the school holidays have finished, and my blog break is also over..

We had some good times, but the holidays were also full of quite a lot of sickness. Dang. I was the only one in the family who wasn't sick. (*touching wood*)

Teeny tiny mouse making! (the kind of mice I can cope with!!)

Soup smorgasbords with cousins and friends..

Dinner by toadstool-light..

I've seen these all over the www, but my first ACTUAL taste/look.. Good!

Fish and Chip night.. (individual packs - a BIG thrill!)
For those who don't know, down here in NZ that's how fish and Chips come from the takeaway shop - wrapped in newspaper!

Homemade, with vege juice which is a standard drink we make when we have f 'n' c!!

Arlo's selfie 

Daddy doing the nails..

Lots of blogs to catch up on - hopefully this weekend!!

I'm behind on everything..
been chasing my tail..

Hoping to have a cruisy weekend so I can actually get something done!!

Happy Days despite the craziness!


jasmine t said...

Welcome back! What a great soup smorgasbord!
The "sickness" is doing the rounds everywhere!
Really hope you don't get :)

pastcaring said...

Hope all the poorly ones are feeling better now, and that you are ready for the new school term, and a return to blogging! Missed you!
Love Arlo's selfie, I like a man who can paint nails, and all that soup and fish and chips are making me hungry... Our fish'n'chips don't come wrapped in newspaper anymore, all the chippies use plain paper they buy in for wrapping now. What a shame! I remember when you bought blocks of ice cream from your local shop and they wrapped it in newspaper to take home. That's how old I am! xxxx

bonsaimum said...

Welcome back.

Mezz said...

gorgeous pics.they reminded me of my childhood...thats a good thing!x

A little bit Country said...

Fab holiday pics. I love a themed dinner night.........stealing the soup idea! xo

Mariela said...

It's such a bummer when you take a break and EVERYONE gets sick. It looks like everyone had a great time and those chips look good.

Sue said...

Oh how I remember getting individual fish n chip bundles. Such joy at having your own little feed. Love the toadstool lights!