26 August 2013

A Sneaky Sale

It is still Saturday Sport season for us. Which means I inhabit sidelines for most of Saturday morning, and y'all know that it cramps my Garage Sale-ing style! 
(although I do love the sport too! Seriously)

I was s'posed to be at my son's match at 8.50 so I snuck a quick Jumble Sale in.. 8.30 start (hoping it wouldn't start late!)

So I spun in at 8.20 - IT HAD STARTED! 
YOu know I hate early start sales = so unfair..

None-the-less, the Claudelands Croquet Club came through..

I spent $10
and this is what I got:

Large thermos in two great 70s colours!
(Arlo for size comparison!)

Working dolls' house light.
I shall give this to a miniatures enthusiast I know.

Handmade Hawaiian letter keeper (def old-ish) and hawaiian serviette rings..

Never had a South Island tea towel before.

Very funky old fruit bowl + fake fruit.
Bling for Iris
Linen of course

20c for this little bag of cake cuteness.
including an IRIS!
Really cute little old christmas toppers

Old (70s I'd say)game..
75c, bless.
MY favourite thing was this gorgeous bag/basket.
A woman told me she got it in JAMAICA in 1963.
She was enroute to UK to meet up with her English beau/husband-to-be..

I said was she sure she wanted it to go, but she had decided when she moved house that it was time.
I told her it was going to a good and grateful home.
The other side of the bag (left)

SO that was pretty good for a mad dash.


Happy Days.

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Jill said...

I bought my mother one of those letter holders, in the 80's, but I'm sure they were around long before that!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ugh Saturday morning sport certainly does get in the way of a bargain ... but not if one has your freakin' ninja skillz!!!! The bag is breaking my heart. xoxo

Lynn Dylan said...

Great finds! And good for your for fitting in the sale! LOL. I love that little miniature!


Brooke F said...

You scored big time! I just love that bag too - it is fun and bright and cheerful and oh so cool!XXX

Sue said...

Wow Linda the bag is beautiful, such a good score! It is one year younger than me and obviously been well looked after, I wish I still looked new too!!

Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

That purple paisley is amazing!! Good scores!

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Those Christmas cake toppers are just brilliant!!

bonsaimum said...

LOVE the bag. Great haul.

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I have such a weakness for bags like that! I think your letter holder is just absolutely wonderful and I love those little cake toppers.

Max said...

that is such a good shop. Love the purple and white fabric, and the fruit bowl is cool too. but of course my utmost enthusiasm is for the dolly house light-what a find!

pastcaring said...

They started WITHOUT you? Outrageous! Still, you did great. That bag is an absolute beauty. xxxx

Fiona said...

Sue took the words out of my mouth. I too am over half a century old and wish I was in such good nick as your bag. Great finds.

La Dama said...

Oh man!! love all the Hawaiian stuff and that flowery basket bag.lucky girl.


ValM said...

Hey I love that bag and the story.. please please take the time to print out the story and put it inside the bag. For the future.