21 May 2014

Catching Up

Just looked through my photos to see what I haven't blogged about...
Sporadic posts due to lack of functional and friendly computer 
has seriously cramped my style!!
These photos are all at least 2 months old..

I realise I forgot to blog about this great little box of fun organised by the lovely Alana at A Little Bit Country
I took some stuff , added some stuff and passed it on to the next punter on the list..
Here's what lives at my house now.
I wonder where the box is now?

A bit of boob.. This was a dress I found at an oppy for $2.. I would have been 5months preg here ..

I can't remember why I added the flowers but I'd imagine it was to do with covering up debris that was littering the place. More than likely!
Love the dress. Feel COLD looking at it now though!!

I don't think I shared this yet. 
Apologies if I have!
It's a box of treasure I got at the estate sale on our street in the summer..
Iris and I had such fun going through what was in there.
All sorts of stuff. Lots of broken bits and necklaces that need re threading, but also some AMAZING beautiful things.
Like this lighter.

And this flower brooch.

And these earrings. Scew on earrings are a b*#ch to wear, but I love these old things none-the-less..

Gorgeous pastel beads. Lots of glass ones.

Iris was thrilled to be able to wear the clip on earrings, sans pierced ears..

I even love the suitcase it all came in, and I love imagining all the outings some of these things would have been on!

I still intend to do more posting, and reading/ commenting..
Hopefully I  can step it up a bit!

** This post took me 3 attempts. It goes offline mid-publishing or mid-creating. So annoying!!!

Happy Days though!

1 May 2014

Recent Scenes, A few Finds and Frock on a Friday

Easter scenes from our place...

Homemade like a boss. 

Newest wool blanket - I am in love with this one!!
FINALLY the weather has chilled a bit - and the wool blankets have made their way onto the beds!
So yeah - I've been concentrating on de-cluttering lately.. Our garage was floor to ceiling with STUFF from our move (3 years ago!!) that was n our loft and our shed at the other house. It had just sat in the garage till now! Time to reclaim the garage!
Epic garage sale coming up in a week's time.

SO I haven't been accumulating much lately. It would defeat the purpose! 

However, we went down to Taranaki last week for a holiday, and I got just a few things. It would have been rude to not have gone op shopping down there!

50c shirt and John found a Deane workwear shirt (one of his fav brands)

The kids are loving this Crown Lynn mug.

LOVE this aladdin thermos. 
To add to my huge collection of these.

Actually I found this in Hamilton quite a while ago for $4.

Taranaki Nana dress and the sheets down there are CHEAP!! I was very restrained as I have so many it's ridiculous. But if you need some - go down to New PLymouth!!!!  Loads, and cheap cheap cheap.

6 months. Dress was op shopped about 6 weeks ago.. I think it might be an actual preggy one as it's so comfy.
Old man's cardy op shopped maybe 20 years ago (LOL!) and worn relentlessly ever since! 

Happy Days! 

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