31 August 2013

Cool STuff

Don't hate me.
But I got some ACE stuff at the op shops last week.

All this stuff is from my locals.
(5 x-roads Red Cross, Sallies, Hospice)
My favourite.

It was waiting behind the counter , having just arrived... so I nabbed it!!
Timing is everything!

These must be coasters I guess. But I think they'll go in stockings this Christmas, just to play with.
Too cute.

Cake tin. Obvs.

Cake boards. 20c each.
If anyone local wants some - there are loads more! (well on Friday there was!)
I once went to buy one of these and just about died at how costly they were!. I just use plates usually.
But now I'm gonna be all proper and flash!
These are probz from the 5 x-roads cake kitchen place that recently closed down..

Joining the rank of plastic canisters on the bathroom shelves.
Love the gold.

Another dog tin..
Two in one week.

Cute stripes on the sides.

First day of Spring - time for a Spring Clean!

Joining up to Thriftasaurus


thimble said...

great finds! those dog tins are brilliant!

Sue said...

Great shopping! Must have a visit to your locals, maybe this week!

Allison said...

oh fab!!...love the cake tins. I scored one this week with kittens on. those cake boards are a great find too. x

Frugal Queen said...

Those retro tins would make great Christmas presents with some homemade biscuits or fudge inside

Max said...

That dog tin is mental, i love it. Maybe its for storing dog treats on doggy road trips!

Zara said...

I do like the dog tins too. so useful for storing all those bits and pieces.
There's spring cleaning in progress here too. x

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love a good old cookie tin!!!!! Doggie ones are fabulous.
Look at that so so so so cute wee poppet and deer, what a wonderful find...yay.
Love V
Sweet I have a wee parcel so wanting to go to you........all I need is your street name please.........xxxxxx

Linda said...

Oh WoW! Perfect timing or what!

gabrielle said...

Corgis and a vintage suitcase and map..all on a tin with stripes. ..of course it would have to come home....I love it

Shandell said...

What fabulous goodies :) The cake boards were a very lucky find!

BeckyKay said...

That figurine is fantastic! So cute and it looks to be in super condition!

laura sampson said...

wow you found some GREAT stuff--oh the deer piece is wonderful!

bonsaimum said...

I just love love love the doggie tin. :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

the Corgi tin is the best!!

Mezz said...

great finds as always! love the dog tins xx

Jill said...

You sure were in the right place at the right time, that little ornament is sweet!

pastcaring said...

Yes indeedy, happy days, and fabulous finds! Love those coaster/jigsaw thingies, and the cute Obligatory Blogger Deer figurine! xxxx

La Dama said...

Wow! You scored bit time!
love the little boy figurine with adorable deer. That bathroom canister oh and doggy tins.


Mary Daff said...

That deer ornament is AMAZING.. Such an awesome find. I have been searching for a deer for a long time but sadly have never found one as yet.

Giddyauntlola said...

Oh I love that Bambi fawn china ornament - I adore it! Lucky find.


Misfits Vintage said...

I absolutely DO hate you - that Bambi is AMAZING and you are the canister queen!!!

Sarah xxx

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would have snagged that little cowboy with deer too!

I had you bookmarked and finally added you to my Feedly ~

stephanie said...

Hoi stephanie here from chums/kindy.. now how DId i find this blog? oh yeah, looking for an actual photo of ashurst park as we may do a daddy-has-the-car we'll hang out near-his-work crazy plan for a day tomorrow. But I fear this blog may rob my sleep, make me jealous and possibly embolden me to actually wear some of those 'finds' in my wardrobe. You know my hubby hid some clothes in the roof area saying 'they look like your grandmothers'" and I said 'they WERE my grandmothers, that's why I've got them'... I wore the quality tartan wool skirt quite a few times, but so frumpy if worn with anything other than high boots. but the electric blue silk suit was really just 'cos I think she wore it to our wedding and I just didn't want to see it go to the op shop.