21 August 2013

Chocka Op Shops..

The op shops are chocka right now.
 At this time of year it seems that people are starting to Spring-clean,
(or maybe they've been watching that hoarding program that's on right now!!)

and there is a lot of cool stuff to be found out there.
As an extra bonus, a lot of the shops have half price sales and free bins.


Critters.  obvs.

Fabric. obvs.

There were loads of good ones ( Pres Support)
and they were 20c each..

Chiffon scarves (to add to my collection)

Canister in action (bathroom)
note to self: clean this mirror!

Shoes in action.

Glasses case (I have a vanity case to match)
Plastic brush that is BOSS at getting knots out.
It is so boss it hurts. (I like brushes like that-LOL)

I love the particular op shop where I got this, but MAN I wish they wouldn't use marker pens!!
I will get this off
with elbow grease and jif.
Meh. I'd rather be op shopping.

Two FAB new dresses - I'll put them in a frock post at a later date..

Picnic cups. 20cent-ers. You know I like mismatched!
(oops prob should have found a less 'busy' space for this photo!)

Happy days!


Zara said...

You always find the best stuff.
Hoping to squeeze in a bit of op-shopping tomorrow. x

Sue said...

Pure gold at the ops right now. They are trying to shift the winter woolies before summer turns up. Plenty of good buys around at the moment.

Jill said...

You are finding some great stuff!!! I have never seen marker at a thrift shop - oh,my - that is not good!!!

Mariela said...

I love that you always find such awesome cups! All I get around here are old tourist-y mugs.

Vix said...

That fabric would make an amazing little girl's dress from one of those wonderful patterns.
I'm loving the glasses case and need to see the matching vanity case although I'd probably die with envy! x

Helen Lehndorf said...

Long time reader, first time commenter - lol!

I'm a keen op-shopper too and hate the dreaded marker pen.

I've found two solutions, some vivid pens come off with milk. Yes, milk, bizarre but true. And the ones that don't come off with milk usually come off with nail-polish remover. Neither option involves any scrubbing!

x Helen

Jane George said...

love love loving it all but the shoes and critters have my heart the most xxx

jasmine t said...

cute critters!!
great finds as per always!!
it is indeed a great time for opshoppers!!

BellaBean Vintage said...

Wow what a lot of treasure! Great scores! And yip I can get annoyed by marker pens, and stickers put smack in the middle of prints or paintings, and four big munty staples through the front of a 50's satin dress....yip have seen that!

two squirrels said...

Yay for op-shop chockablock with treasure!!!!!!
YIp marker pens and bloody stickers on leather......ban them from the op-shop!!!!!
The fabric is so cute and I have a thing for the retro floral glasses cases.....always fab.
I have a wee parcel to send sweet.....but not sure of your street name?????
Can you let me know????
Parcel awaits.
Love V

Brooke F said...

Those critters are too cute! The shoes are pretty fab as well. I have also enjoyed the bounty of the half price op shop sales but alas, our op shops still haven't gotten savvy with the free bins. I live in hope!

Indigo Violet said...

Lucky you - our op shops are getting quite expensive. There is one cheap one but everything is damp and tossed all over the floor!

bonsaimum said...

As usual, great finds. Wish our op-shops were not so dear.

pastcaring said...

Oh marker pen prices, and sticky labels on books which rip the cover when you try to take them off - grrrr!
Lovely finds, as always. Such cute critters and fabric, and that's one funky glasses case (perfect for your sunnies!) xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love mis-matched crockery too ... in fact mis-matched EVERYTHING is my heaven!!! Your op shop hauls always remind me of moments from my childhood spent in NZ ... I love the ornaments, something my mum could never abide (probs cause she knew the irreparable damage 7 kids could do!). I recall many hours spent in front of other people's lovely glass what-not cabinets gazing in wonder at the beautiful, delicate contents. xoxo