15 August 2013

Not your regular Friday Night

Thank you for the thoughts for Iris - she is fine.. Some antibiotics eventually did the trick. Must have been a nasty bug.
Phew. Exhausting stuff though!

SO here are a few more snaps of Dennis's 60th party, at one of the lovely old theatres here in Hamz. As well as a party there were a couple of bouts of diva-ish entertainment, which made for a fab evening. It was brilliant.
(I tried to insert
this video from youtube 
at the bottom of this post.. 
but it stuck itself there 
and I can't shift it 
for love nor money. Oh well. 
It's the song I was singing 
in the last post..)

Here's the birthday Diva.
(Defo a Treasure.)

Blackpearl Paua - can shimmy like you wouldn't believe.
Nanu - fabulous voice.
Chanel D'Vinci = AMAZING act.. Just amazing. 

So good.
Best Burlesque performance I've ever seen..
Bettsy Rose Lee
New York New York.
Chanel D'Vinci again.. brilliant Tina Turner impression.

FOr those that enquired, in the photos from my last post I'm singing TREASURE (Bruno Mars) which is a brilliant funky disco inspired song, though contemporary.

I'll try and put a video of me singing up.. just got to locate one..
I also did It's Raining Men..

Me + my almighty lungs.

Happy Happy Days!


gabrielle said...

looks like the most fabulous party

Brooke F said...

Now that looks like a fantastic party! So glad Iris is better - hurrah for modern medicine! XXX

jasmine t said...

yay you saw betsy perform!! we have yet to meet in person but know of each other through the burly world!!
what a fun party!!!
glad to hear iris ok :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like an awesome party, what fun and there looks like there was a lot of fabolousness on stage.

I'd love to see your performance hopefully you'll locate someone with some footage.

pastcaring said...

That looks like a really good night! Don't you just love being able to go out to play with the big gals sometimes?! xxxx

Jane George said...

that looks awesome! you sing!!!! how cool is that. is that dress made from men's ties? It's fabulous x

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

it looks like it was a blast! i love that you sang "it's raining men" ! that is one of my favorite songs! i was actually singing it in the shower yesterday, and travis wouldn't stop laughing at me! haha. it's so good!