22 May 2012

I'll be back!

This will be my last post until I'm back home, with a baby. 

Thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishing that's been going on..
Sorry I haven't been doing much commenting of my own lately.

I have been busy. And tired. And most of me has been sore and aching.

If you think I look big - you're right. Abnormally big. Therefore I am restricted in how I am going to birth this one..
(excuse bad photos. One of my kids took them + blotchy skin
It's all worth it.
Adding one more to this little line up! 
Iris took these photos of these photos randomly the other day - cute! They're all exactly 3-monthers. 

Gratuitous Iris shot - it was too cute NOT to share! She's not going to be my 'baby' much longer!

Happy Days to you all, whatever the days are filled with!

15 May 2012

Mothers' Day

I was s'posed to post this on Mothers' Day.. but I'm doing a lot of this right now....

Well at least when I can,
which ISN'T actually as often as I'd like!!!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the beautiful Mums out there, those Mums in waiting and those that have gone before..

I would love to collect these MOTHER brooches, and in fact, I think I will!
Check them out..

I was inspired by the recent article about this woman and her collection in the Viva insert the other day.. She keeps them all on display in her hallway. 
What an awesome collection..

Anyway,  Mothers' Day 5 years ago was the day that this guy came into the world.. all 11 lb 10oz of him..

He turned 5 on Mothers' Day this year so the focus was well and truly OFF this particular mother on Sunday!

Today he started school..

He looks about as worried as I was, but he actually wasn't.
I hate it when they start school. But we all soon get used to it..

Now I'm concentrating on this bump here..
Only about a week to go.

Happy Days

7 May 2012

Kitsch Birdies - Collection Selection!

I can't get enough kitsch birds..
Incl, amongst other things, : Bird whistles at top
Some salt/pepper sets.
An owl candle that was an old aunty's (she collected owls)...
You might spot a stray. (ie non-bird). 

I never buy these kind of things online (ie trademe, NZ's version of e-bay) I wait for the birds to present themselves to me at op-shops and garage sales.
Which they occasionally do.

Which is always a joyous surprise..

What I really need though, is a budgie or 2. A swinging one would be PERFECT for that gap there. 

Here's another kitsch bird I found in the kitchen the other day!
She's got a dress-up box and she knows how to use it!

Happy Days

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3 May 2012

Friday's Frock - DEFO Autumn!

It's suddenly got cold in the nights and mornings.. but we're still having beautiful days. 

This bump is growing so much and so fast. 

There are 3 weeks to go technically. 

I am not blogging as much because  I am SLOW SLOW SLOW doing everything.
And lots of bits of me are aching...

I don't have a Friday frock pic for Iris today as she has been wearing very sensible hats and cardies and longs..
But this hat is my favourite! Made by Poppy and Jack and bought off Trademe.
(no link for Poppy and Jack but i wish there was as I love her stuff!)
Of course all my clothes (red polka dot dress and orange cardy) are op shopped. The bracelet would have been too. I'm attracted to large plastic beads, a la Marge Simpson.