28 March 2013

Garage Sale Scores, Part 1

Last weekend we had a garage sale at school. It was amazing how much stuff, and good quality stuff, was donated.

I got quite a few things, but it didn't even leave a dent in what there was.
It was all reasonably priced, and for the last hour we said that punters could get a box or bag and fill it up with ANYTHING for $1.
I strongly recommend this if you're running a sale. It means there is WAY less stuff to get rid of when it's finished. And I got some $1 box bargains for realz!!!!

Love these shoes. 
We had this cute game when we were kids. the rakes are worth 15 points and the spades give you 5 etc!
There were lots of books. I was overwhelmed. I didn't do too much rummaging. 

Very cute rattley bunny - about 7cm high.

Cute old shirt for Arlo. I find it quite hard to find genuinely old items - I think kids trash their clothes so they don't often get passed on..

Tin rubbish bin. Love.

Handbag obvs. 

I might get a chance to teeter around in these one day. They aren't totally my style, but I really like them. 

This is a huge table cloth. This is 1/4 of it. It's a coolio one.

These cards are actually from Vinnies the other week. They usually have a stash, and are 10c each. Remind me of the cards we got given as kids. 

For some reason this photo didn't appear in the last post, despite the fact that I put it in. Weird. 
Angry Birds party. 
I love doing kids parties but am a total last minute person (it's my personality type)
I also don't like things to look too contrived
(not hard for me!)
and I avoid straight lines of things
(the current fashion in party tables, I've noticed)

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Happy Days.

27 March 2013


Stuff that's been going on round here lately..

:: I've been doing trying to do housework. Sheesh I hate it. I'd rather be op shopping. Well I do that too. Often. 
It's my happy place lol. 

:: We had a belated 8th party for my Joe. Angry Birds Party. Sidenote: Easter time is a GREAT time to do an ANgry Birds party - for obvious reasons. (chocolate eggs)

Cake I did the night before, in true Linda -style.

Joe and his mates came bounding through the gate as soon as the bell went. Bless them. They were so excited.

Games and food. Incl Poison Lolly (renamed Rotten Egg for this party) the best party game ever.
Pop the pigs (with darts)
Kick the pig pinata (made by Joe and me) until it bursts. 

::Trying to work out what the hell this bloglovin-thing changeover is all about. Somebody please enlighten me.

:: Feeding my kids these, because they got sent to us free to try.. They are not an 'everyday food' but compared to other similar products they are pretty good health-wise. The company (Mother Earth) are excellent at making ethical choices - which is something that I do like to consider when buying food... The bars are a hit with the kids, of course. They are small and yummy, and quite useful to fling in the handbag for emergency snacks.
Check out my newly op shopped picnic set. The kids are LOVING this one.

::Trying to find time to take some photos of my latest scores./ They are GOOD..

:: Loving how kitsch  easter stuff can be. Like this:
(next 5 pix via google images)

Stay tuned for the Scary Easter BUnny photo series.

:: And a few weekends ago Iris went to her cousins' Castle party in Auckland.

Here are the birthday twins Princess Olive and Prince Ted of Point Chevalier and their big brother Sir Archie.

Princess Iris of Hamilton ready to go. (with op-shopped bling, bag, flowers and gifted handmade crown. Dress was in a seconds rack at Cotton On because the tulle was a teeny bit jagged - $5 ) That's at my Dad's place in Aucks. 

That is the chair that my great uncle bought for my Mum when she was born in 1938.

Well that was a crazy, all over the place post sorry folks..

I'll try get another one together soon-ish!

Happy Days.
Go and eat chocolate.

23 March 2013

Dio 'Junk' Sale

I'm sposed to be at a celebrate-the-marriage party
for some mates who did the reg office thing.
because my 10month old is all grumpy pants tonight

so I'm here
and my frock remains hanging in the closet.
Dangity dang.

The jumble sale went amazingly well today.
We made $4500 for the school.

This post here was scores from LAST weekend at the Diocesan School for Girls.
It was excellent. They called it a Junk Sale on the very professionally produced signs. One person's junk is another's treasure, as they say.

Some of the scores:

A pair of shoes for me, a pair of shoes for Iris, a pair of baskets (hello, Easter) and a pair of care bears (I always promise the kids I'll bring them back a little something when I go rumbling - that way they let me go happily!!)
ALL the shoes were $1. I got LOADS for the whole family. 
*Lovely tea towel 50c
* AMAZING towel. Huge and snuggly and tassled 50c

More old linen (when will it ever end?!
50c each

I LOVE these soft leather red boots that will fit Iris next Winter beautifully. $1
I got some excellent stuff for the prez stash.. CHEAP as chips. I mean CHEEEEAP.
A few bits of crown lynn.  $2 the lot.
Those pasta sized bowls are particulaRLY hard to find. I now have 8 - awesome.
I love that violets plate. So gorgeous, and the smaller 'lunch' size,. Also more rare, and perfect for the kids.
These are such a nostalgia trip for most of us over here.. (over a certain age!)
We had an 8-bottle carrier.
They used to be EVERYWHERE at the oppies, but are now quite hard to find actually.

John took the kids to the park the next day, and this is what we did.
Bloody good in the car too. 
(cute bottles, BPA free and $2 each at the dollar store by chartwell square, if y'all are wondering. Can fold them up in their lunch boxes. Lightweight. You're welcome. 
sidenote - I won't thrift bottles due to the BPA factor in the plastic. One of the few things that I don't buy second hand I guess!)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. 

Happy Days

22 March 2013

Ready to Rumble

I've spent the last 5 hours setting up for the Woodstock School EPIC Jumble Sale 
in the morning.

Prepare to be amazed Hamiltonians, if you come on down. (7.30 - 11.30am)

WOWZERS we have shite-loads of stuff for sale.

This is about 1/3  of it. It took ages and LOTS of helpers to bring it all from the storage sheds..

Phew where do we start?!

I'm on the toy section. It was overwhelming.  I am going back over at 6.15 tomorrow to finish the set up of all the toys.
Lucky we live backing on to the school field. Yuss.

 I shall get up Dawn's crack 
(snicker)and slither over there. 

My kids had  a wonderful time mucking about with all the other kids while we set up. 

See all those books? There are some AMAZING ones in there.. I hope lots of book collectors come. 

There is actually loads of everything.
It's mind-blowing, in the best possible way.

I love the whole scene, man. 
It starts with people
* Recycling.
* De-cluttering.

Then others come along and
* Get stuff they want/need.
* Get a bargain.
* Have a lot of fun hunting.

BAKERS DELIGHT vouchers for 
Sue @ Living the Good Life
Jess B @ Just Ordinary Us
Georgia-Rose @ The Velvettes

Send me your actual addies and I'll fire those vouchers out so you can get those buns in your gobs before easter!email me via the ABOUT ME or profile thingy up there

Happy Days

20 March 2013


 It's arguable I know, but for me, a good hot cross bun is  better than chocolate eggs.. 

Marginal call, coz I love chocolate eggs, especially the marshmallow-filled ones.
(side note - I looked EVERYWHERE in London when I lived there and I couldn't find a single one of those)

THESE are the king of Hot Cross Buns right here.
Bakers Delight gave them to us to sample
(yeh we'll be this type of guinea pig ANY time you need us!)
Chocolate variety and traditional fruit.
PERFECT for afternoon tea, with blueberries and a cup of tea (essential)

 For the kids, the winner was the chocolate 
            (no surprise there!) 
For me, both varieties were absolutely delicious. Soft and tasty.
So good. 

I have 3 $10 vouchers if you want to sample your own.. Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick 3 out tomorrow night. Randomly. Don't want it to be a BUN FIGHT or anything. tee hee
(NZ commenters only of course sorry)

Happy Days.

17 March 2013

Operation Catch up on Op Shop SCores

The following scores are from oppies and garage sales the week before last!

Fondue pot in mint condition. I have several of these so am gifting this.
Jumble Sale $1

JOHNSON cake plate etc in original box. 50c from the Girl Guides' garage sale, bless them. There wasn't a brownie or a girl guide in sight. Just the mums. LOL 

I was drawn to this 20cent-er. It's not my usual style but I like the lanterns. So Iris can eat  off it for a thrill.

FAB orange ice bucket. $2. I love it. 

Iris and I love this funny flamingo pincher thing. It has a squeezy handle that  opens its beak.  I have a thing for flamingoes.

* Plastic weave basket (obvs)
* Cute little apron
* toiletries bag - I LOVE these things.
* tea cosy and Alaska moose
* table cloth more than I usually pay $4
* very cool train sheet, that would be better made into something.
* yellow cardy for Iris (I want one in my size)
* Mint condition Kidston-y PJs that I gave to my sister-in-law coz they are her size and  her style..
* A brilliant cutlery set. Each individual piece had a 20c price tag sellotaped (round and round) to it - which took a good while to get off lol,..

Curtains ($2) from jumble. I think I'll put some elastic in and they'll be a skirt. (the hills are alive with the sound of music)

LOVE this necklace .. the red one was new too.. Thank you Vinnies.

VERY 80s dolly clothes that were in a free box. The calypso woman has shell bead earrings sewn on. Gold.

Large piece flannellette 

I went into Vinnies twice on sep days before I decided to actually get this set. Swimming accessories, I do believe. I think they deserve their own post. I don't know why I dallied. Great orangey yellow colour. 

tea towel of Northland. 

Great wrap around skirt. 

I am in love with this. I have to hide it from Iris though.

It was $2 at the Labour Party fundraising sale. Bloody brilliant. 

So there we have it.
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(For those that enquired - the gig wasn't a big deal, but I DO love a good warble! Kids have stifled my gigability somewhat but I occasionally get out and have a sing! Last weekend it was at a Cancer Society fundraiser Relay for Life, where I did a 45 min set.. My camera battery died just as I went on according to my official photographer (my son) but there might be some official photos coming through at some point on their site. )
Happy Days