31 August 2013

Cool STuff

Don't hate me.
But I got some ACE stuff at the op shops last week.

All this stuff is from my locals.
(5 x-roads Red Cross, Sallies, Hospice)
My favourite.

It was waiting behind the counter , having just arrived... so I nabbed it!!
Timing is everything!

These must be coasters I guess. But I think they'll go in stockings this Christmas, just to play with.
Too cute.

Cake tin. Obvs.

Cake boards. 20c each.
If anyone local wants some - there are loads more! (well on Friday there was!)
I once went to buy one of these and just about died at how costly they were!. I just use plates usually.
But now I'm gonna be all proper and flash!
These are probz from the 5 x-roads cake kitchen place that recently closed down..

Joining the rank of plastic canisters on the bathroom shelves.
Love the gold.

Another dog tin..
Two in one week.

Cute stripes on the sides.

First day of Spring - time for a Spring Clean!

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30 August 2013

Frock on a Friday: And it was All Yellow

SO today is Daffodil Day here, the annual fundraiser for the Cancer Society.

When I only had one or two kids
I used to help with the fundraising efforts on this day, selling daffodil brooches for a donation..

And before that I used to deliver yellow bunches of daffodils to businesses and shops (for the Cancer Society)..

Now we just dress in yellow,
buy a daff each from the street sellers
and the kids go to school in yellow, with their gold coins to donate.

And  I think about those struggling and lost
and I just cuddle my healthy babies and think about how lucky and healthy we are.

And how much I miss my Mum..


The Frock part!

Last year I found that I actually, surprisingly didn't have any yellow clothes!

I made it a bit of an op shopping mission to find some yellow by the last Friday of August this year...
I now have a few options!
Today I wore:
* a very yellow towelling dress (70s/80s)
* a yellow two-piece negligee set
* yellow laced-sneakers - they have yellow flowers on the side. (bought in the Naki)
I didn't wear the negligee to playgroup.
I might one day.

Strangely, as we walked to playgroup this morning we saw a very yellow truck  and an even yellower rubbish truck. (not seen a yellow one before) Iris was pretty excited about that!
Daffodil bracelet-making.
Yellow dress from Gabrielle.
There is hope
and there is joy.

But cancer sux.

Just sayin.


26 August 2013

A Sneaky Sale

It is still Saturday Sport season for us. Which means I inhabit sidelines for most of Saturday morning, and y'all know that it cramps my Garage Sale-ing style! 
(although I do love the sport too! Seriously)

I was s'posed to be at my son's match at 8.50 so I snuck a quick Jumble Sale in.. 8.30 start (hoping it wouldn't start late!)

So I spun in at 8.20 - IT HAD STARTED! 
YOu know I hate early start sales = so unfair..

None-the-less, the Claudelands Croquet Club came through..

I spent $10
and this is what I got:

Large thermos in two great 70s colours!
(Arlo for size comparison!)

Working dolls' house light.
I shall give this to a miniatures enthusiast I know.

Handmade Hawaiian letter keeper (def old-ish) and hawaiian serviette rings..

Never had a South Island tea towel before.

Very funky old fruit bowl + fake fruit.
Bling for Iris
Linen of course

20c for this little bag of cake cuteness.
including an IRIS!
Really cute little old christmas toppers

Old (70s I'd say)game..
75c, bless.
MY favourite thing was this gorgeous bag/basket.
A woman told me she got it in JAMAICA in 1963.
She was enroute to UK to meet up with her English beau/husband-to-be..

I said was she sure she wanted it to go, but she had decided when she moved house that it was time.
I told her it was going to a good and grateful home.
The other side of the bag (left)

SO that was pretty good for a mad dash.


Happy Days.

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25 August 2013

You Can't Touch This

 Last week was a good op shopping week..

It was also the week of:
New earrings..

(There's a matching brooch too..)

Sunny Spring-like days..

Red  Nose Day
(that's me participating hard at playgroup.. LOL)

The most enormous purple carrots. Ever.

Made the best juice.
Stained the hands.

Don't mess with the giant purple carrots.

If you're a facebooker and I haven't already had you up about this - please can you click here and vote for my mate Irene (by clicking 'LIKE')
who made a fab outfit
and I think she should 

tear this competition up.

She is also the op shopping queen of Petone.

Just saying.
MC HAmmer eat your bloody heart out.
(Thanks if you do this - I think she has the non-blogger dis-advantage! It should only take literally a click of the mouse)

Have a Happy Week!

23 August 2013

But Wait, there's More!

This is my $5.70 haul from yesterday..

I have a lot of blog reading and commenting to catch up on = sozz..
I'm just flinging this post together before I wilt completely.. been a busy day!
Friday Frock post will have to be on Saturday! 

And thank you to a fine reader who told me that MILK can sometimes get pen off crockery etc, as well as nail polish remover, without scrubbing! Thanks Helen! 

* A 50c rainbow
* A really mixed-up tin xylophone. (I've sorted it out now!)
* I didn't mean to take a photo of that plug - but seems it snuck in there.. we REALLY needed one! have been using a milk bottle top in the bath for a while ( which actually fits perfectly by the way!! LOL)
* Mismatched napkins/serviettes for my very mismatched collection.
Couldn't resist this guy for 50c.

Fab handmade hoody for Arlo. Very funky.  
SO kitsch.
But I am strangely attracted to this.
I am a nutter. 
Happy Days. 

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21 August 2013

Chocka Op Shops..

The op shops are chocka right now.
 At this time of year it seems that people are starting to Spring-clean,
(or maybe they've been watching that hoarding program that's on right now!!)

and there is a lot of cool stuff to be found out there.
As an extra bonus, a lot of the shops have half price sales and free bins.


Critters.  obvs.

Fabric. obvs.

There were loads of good ones ( Pres Support)
and they were 20c each..

Chiffon scarves (to add to my collection)

Canister in action (bathroom)
note to self: clean this mirror!

Shoes in action.

Glasses case (I have a vanity case to match)
Plastic brush that is BOSS at getting knots out.
It is so boss it hurts. (I like brushes like that-LOL)

I love the particular op shop where I got this, but MAN I wish they wouldn't use marker pens!!
I will get this off
with elbow grease and jif.
Meh. I'd rather be op shopping.

Two FAB new dresses - I'll put them in a frock post at a later date..

Picnic cups. 20cent-ers. You know I like mismatched!
(oops prob should have found a less 'busy' space for this photo!)

Happy days!