2 November 2014

Spring has Sprung!

If you're still here - HI!!
I was inspired to put a post together - coz the hallowed yellow skirt ARRIVED in my letter box!!
This skirt has been travelling the globe for a few years and many very awesome people have worn it!!

I wondered when it would arrive.
I thought I might be the first pregnant woman to wear it..

But since my Stan has arrived already he had to feature..
And if you didn't already know, October was international Down Syndrome Awareness/Enlightenment month. 
The colours are blue and yellow so, well, that was my inspiration.

Naked boy needed some clothes!

He's a precious little guy.
Unique and cute, just like my other kids.
There was an intense time at the start adjusting to the diagnosis.. 
and the medical roller coaster continues.. (NOT MY BAG!!) 
but Life.Is. Good.

This skirt is unique too. It's hard to not feel spritely and positive in it.
Yellow is most definitely a happy colour!
THanks for all the lovely comments and all the support we've had in the last 3 months. It's been AMAZING!

I have aven been to a few jumble sales recently .. and I'll blog those up some time soon.

AND IN CASE you missed them.. here are all the amazing women of the world in this very skirt..
That's the magnificent Melanie centre left who thrifted the skirt originally.. Check out her blog for links to all the posts featuring these amazing women. And join in too if you wanna!!

Happy Days!