4 August 2013


A while ago I bought this bag of little tiny plastic things. 
I had no idea what they were and what they're used for.
I just thought they'd be fun for the kids to play sorting games with.
So I bought them.
Coz that's how I roll.

Turns out, so my blog friend Jill says, that they become lights on a ceramic christmas tree. It seems ceramic trees were a standard thing you made at pottery classes in the 70s, mainly in Canada/the States. Am I right?

I've never seen one before, except on  blogs (google image them if you want to see what I'm talking about!)

Pretty eh?!
I would LOVE to find one of those trees.
In the meantime, they are being sorted and re-sorted by little hands, and used in various games..
I have a few other ideas of how to use them..

Little needlepoint.. I can't resist these.

Tupperware with a NZ flavour..

NZ scene tin..

Another ballet painting for my collection..

What are you all finding out there???

I'm slowly getting around to checking out the blogs, and commenting.. and I've also got a bunch of parcels to post - hopefully this week!!

Happy Days!

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Mariela said...

I've seen those ceramic trees at antique stores and they can be very pricey. They look great but I'll wait until I find one at a garage sale or thrift store.

I've been hitting the vintage pattern mother-load lately. They all need to be checked and listed to be sold.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I would never have known what those thingos were for either! I love the NZ tin. Super cool. And you know I'm right there with you when it comes to needlepoint pictures! Xx

Melanie said...

Yeah, I love how you roll. I wouldn't have known what those colourful bits were either but I'm sure they will be great fun to use in things other than ceramic trees. Great finds.

Anonymous said...

Wow over the thingos. I did think one of them might have been covers over Chritmas lights.

two squirrels said...

Oh I love that you grab things that are for all those important moments.......like you are not sure at the time but you just know in the future it will be very important. Like a ceramic Xmas-tree.....yip!!! I do the same thing.
Great NZ tin.
Love V

jasmine t said...

very cool light doodackees!
i have just posted up todays finds.
i love the saddleback tupperware container.
i love having op-shop mama back!!

Vix said...

I wouldn't have known what those bits were either but I bet it's great fun sorting them out into colours and shapes, bit like I used to love doing with buttons. x

Max said...

love the ballet painting. i woulda grabbed those lights too, shiny pretties. off to look up those ceramics tress now...x

Max said...

ooh, i want a white one!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Oh I LOVE the ballet painting!! It's super gorgeous.

Jill said...

I hope you find a ceramic tree in time for Christmas!! I was lucky - mine came from a thrift and I found one for my daughter at a yard sale. They were cheap but I've seen newer ceramic ones and they're not cheap!!! Good luck!

BeckyKay said...

I recognize those plastic tree thingies, but I've never seen the bird shaped ones! Those are great! Good luck finding your tree. Around here they're fairly common. In fact, go to the right craft show and you'd probably find a brand new one.

Sara said...

I have a few ceramic trees. They are my favorite Christmas decoration. Very common here in the US. I snatch them up whenever I find them but they are expensive.