15 August 2013

Parcel of Cool

John and I were blown away the other day when a parcel arrived for Arlo and Iris..

We had just been talking about how these days quite often TIME  is such a major commodity in busy lives..

So how amazed were we to receive this from the lovely Gabrielle ..
(one of my top fave blogs- she has got quite possibly the funkiest little guys you'll see and another one arriving any day! Not to mention 2 gorgeous girls.. see what I'm saying about TIME?! )
How cool is this???
Amazing bear forest lining..

A beautiful dress (not pink -yay!)
for Iris.
Immaculately made and reversible.
So funky.

This is the other side..

And a cute little hat that they both can wear... So adorable. It's the kind of thing you just want the weather to be cold for!!

Beautifully lined as well..

Iris has been wearing this for 3 days straight. I have to force her to take it off for kindy so she doesn't trash it. 


Happy Days!!


Sue said...

OMG what gorgeous gifts!! I like the idea of the dress being reversible. Both the kids look so snuggly in their new threads.

Jill said...

Blogging friends are the very best! What a sweet package that must have been to open!!

two squirrels said...

Oh talking about lovely bloggers and wonderful gifts.....you are one amazing lady.......a very special parcel arrived in my little mail box. You are just gorgeous.......I am so in love with the green plastic cups.....and a squirrel.....yay.
Thank you thank you!!!!!!
Love what the kiddies have been sent.....lovely to see Iris is ok....bless.
Love V
Thanks for such a wonderful surprise.

Zara said...

Those two are so cute. Love their new little outfits. x

CityScape Skybaby said...

Such gorgeous stuff, I absolutely love the bear lining in that little jacket. xx

gabrielle said...

so lovely to see your gorgeous small people in the clothes, and especially nice to have gotten to sew for a small girl. Arlo loves the jacket you sent and the little woolies are all tucked away in the baby's drawers just waiting...blog swaps are the best xx

his_girl_friday said...

Oh man, so many goodies! I love the coat especially.

Anonymous said...

Aren't fellow bloggers some of the the most thoughtful and giving souls. How lovely and precious of her to send you that parcel. Those garments are just beautiful.

Mum said...

What beautiful clothes. A very thoughtful present.
Love from Mum

pastcaring said...

What gorgeous gifts for the kidlets! Blog buddies are the best! xxxx

Penny-Rose said...

Oh wow, those are seriously cute clothes and the children look gorgeous! I love the idea of reversible dresses for girls, and the jacket is great. Hope Iris is feeling all better now. xx

bonsaimum said...

Lucky kids. They look great!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

wonderful clothes! Send some MY way!

Vintage Coconut said...

Those clothes are ever so sweet!
I can see why Iris will not take the dress off and Arlo's coat is so cool and unique.