29 September 2013

Memory Lane Flares

I was taken on a little trip down memory lane when I saw Vix's post about her fabulous psychedelic creation..

She looks amazing, right?!

She used that pattern in the middle..
Even copied the hair.
AND she has the same figure as that model..
You could have been a 70s pattern model Vix!
(Vix's photo)

Anyway, when I was in my last year of school, my Mum asked me what I wanted her to make for my Prizegiving outfit (like Graduation)

I flicked through her stash of patterns
and chose 

She made it for me..
She was awesome like that.
And I wore it proudly.
Clashing wildly with all my friends of course.
(It was 1992, and OP Shop Stylez were NOT in vogue!!! I lived in 60s/70s op shopped clothes.)
Wish I had a full length shot. The shoes were red soft leather platforms from the op shop.


Happy Days!!!

Happy Days Again

here I am..

I have FOUND the camera. 

And I have limped towards the holidays (which have now started)
Had a couple of weeks feeling a bit 'over it' all.. the overwhelmed, swamped feeling..

Have had The urge to purge..
but not the TIME! (so frustrating!)

I have hardly even ventured into blogland at all in the last couple of weeks.
Just not enough time..

Here I am..

And I feel terrible that I haven't yet blogged about a beautiful wee parcel that arrived a few weeks ago.
Vanessa Squirrel
sent this little parcel of happy..
FABULOUS dress..

And a cute little shiny peacock brooch, with a swingin' tail, no less.

The dress has got POCKETS at the front (my favourite kind)

And I also got this fab all purpose apron.

I've worn the dress three times..
Once with my jandals.
(Coz SPRING is here, well and truly!)

And with some leggings.
(COZ it's REALLY REALLY windy down here!)


LOADS to blog about.
LOADS to read about and catch up on.

Happy Days.

11 September 2013

I'd Like to be Under the Sea

This is me and all my friends.
Just hanging out. 

(These are posters that hang on my wall.. I had photos of them for some reason
Bought them at my fav London shop Kitsch'n'Sync, 15 years ago..
Does it still exist London people?
Man I LOVED that store!!)

Linking up to Shiny-T Tuesday.. The theme is OCEAN this week...

It's not the first time.
I usually wait till 3 weeks have gone by until I write it off.
HOPEFULLY it shows up. 
I haven't seen it since Saturday.

SO I am using photos from the archives for the time being!

I'm also behind on blog -reading - sorry blog buddies!

4 September 2013


Shiny T Tuesday dress up theme this week is 

Here are the things that inspire me in 
what I buy:

* I like it.
* colour
* pattern
* It's not fashionable
* It's unusual/interesting somehow
*It's cheap!
* I find it when I'm treasure hunting
*It reminds me of something nice (like my Gran, or my mum, or a picnic, or a fun time).
* It's old , or maybe not!
* I haven't already got one!

And here is what inspires me on any given day, in choosing what I'll wear:

* It's clean, dry and presents itself to me.

* The weather.

* It fits!

* My mood.

* Comfort.
And I don't have time to spend hours getting dressed these days. That time of the day is C.R.A.Z.Y. Realz.

* Pattern, colour, I like, it reminds me of someone/something etc etc (as above)..

Happy Days!

What inspires your dressing?