16 March 2014

Yip I'm still here!

My blog posts appear to be at a dismal distance from each other!
I used to do blogging in the evenings usually - now, in the evenings, I find myself wilting and usually just go to bed! Lame. 
I am trying to rectify this situation. Thank you, iron supplements. 

Op Shopping is also at an all time lame low!
I even went to the dump to drop some recycling off the other day, and I DIDN'T GO INTO THE OP SHOP there!!! WHAT??!! My husband did not believe me. I hardly believed me!!! 
(To be fair, it was a mosh pit in the car park and I couldn't be bothered hustling)

But I've popped in to the odd shop. 

Genuine 70s tank $1 Vinnies half price sale...

Classic Hornsea

Cute old Crown Lynn..

Dominion Breweries maybe?

Primo curtains that seem to have been made-to-measure for my son' s room = stoked. Half price sale ($2.50)

Homemade top from a little church oppy that is only open 2 days a week

Maybe my favourite recent new acquisition.. also from the little oppy. $3. Fits over a bump. Yayar.

Old dress for Iris.

Togs for post baby.

First bump shot! 5months.

Happy Days!!

LInked up to Thriftasaurus @ Sir Thrift-a-lot