5 August 2013

Winter Holiday ::: Stills, part 2


1. A view on a dull Winter's Day from Iris's sill... them bears are ALL op-shopped/garage-saled... 

2. Enjoying the winter sun..

3. Um yeh - use jelly crystals to colour/flavour icing - SUCH a great result.. can't believe I've never done it before!

4. 14th July @ Bastille Cafe (in our lounge)..
French Onion soup, French Fries (!)
French Vanilla ice cream with nutella crepes..

History/politics/language/geography lesson

And crazy french accents. Great music via spotify ('french cafe music')
Kids loved it..

5. This boy loves to bake - what better on a cold afternoon?

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Anonymous said...

love the baking! My young man has started to cook this year! visiting via Em xx

Miss Muggins said...

Rainbow colours and yummy food, certainly brighten up winter!

elflyn said...

Lots of colour in your Winter days.
Have a wonderful week.

gabrielle said...

looks like lots of school holiday fun ...sorry to hear everyone got sick. I have finally found some sewing time post the school hols, so have a wee jacket ready for you if you email me your snail mail address

Anonymous said...

Your kids must have so much fun with all the fun things you do and adventures you take them on.

kate said...

It all looks so much fun!! (visiting via the Beetleshack) x

Krista Gassib said...

How can it be winter with all that rainbowy goodness! I want all those teddy and cookies for my very own. Your boys are so cute!