24 February 2013

Free and Next-to-Nothing

I feel bad putting a new post up as I'm not caught up on all the comments on all my bloglist... everyone is too prolific!!!!! And I aint!!!

this is a post about 2 thrift expeditions in January-
I am WAY behind on posting too!!
Gateway Op SHop's FREE bins were visited regularly by us.. We got quite a few bits and pieces..
Loads of dolls clothes, kids clothes and random clothing items for us...
I picked these up in there, knowing they'd NEVER fit my arse.. but the print has wild irises so I was gonna make Iris something out of them..

They happened to fit my friend Kath like a provervbial glove. 

THere were a few Fill-A-Bag for-$5 sales at the newest op shop in Hams.. (St Francis)
We ALL went along to one of them. 
It was a riot.

John trying on the most AMAZING wool coat that pretty much looks like it was made for him. 

And there he is again loading up the boot.
He's a good bloke.

I didn't photograph everything. We got loads of great stuff.. incl:

Clothes for the kids that they chose themselves. Incl brand new thunderpants undies (love)  

Lots of cardies, winters tops and pjs for winter. So good. That mint cardy at the top is brilliant.

wool blanket


John's coat which is awesome and looks unworn.

Loads more, but I'm planning to gift a lot of it to some unsuspecting friends/bloggers...  eventually!! So I'm not going to photo them all on here..

17 February 2013

I Heart Vinnies

I popped into Vinnies op shop the other day. Still in my top 3 in this town.

I spent $10 and got this stuff...

Um yeh I think I have enough pillow cases but I can't leave them behind..
A glasses case to add to my collection. $1


My lovely assistant.
In other news..

I am finally, and slowly de-greying the walls of our house.

Starting with the toilet room, of course, as you do!

Wonderful weather here.
Gardens Arts Festival on right now which is AMAZING.

Happy Days

Linked up to Nifty Thrifty over here.

14 February 2013

14th Feb = The LOVE Edition

Happy Valentines Day..

I'm JUST sneaking in with a VD
(childish snicker) post..

Me and one of main men... 
(nb the recently op-shopped kitsch roses candle bouquet.
So bad, it's good)

Also recently picked up at a jumble sale, for 10c.. a kitsch basket thing and some leis... 

I have always wanted to give the Red Velvet buzz a go..
(This is Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie, via Food Gawker.com)

Happy Day

11 February 2013

Op Shoppin'

for all the lovely comments about my last post.
Makes me remember how cool blogging is!

I have a huge back log of thrift reports..

This is the stuff from the last 2 weeks or so...

I am going to do a GIF of this going along. The ducks beaks snap around the place in a very cute way.. 50c

I need some more photo frames and I only like old ones, like this!

incl the label - which is art in itself!

Japanese mug for the kids. We now have 4 of these in various colours.. One more to find!

I once bemoaned the fact I have no YELLOW garments hanging in my closet... found one! 2 piece night outfit... straight from a bygone era! All the aunties had these when we were kids. They then languished in our dress up boxes... Love them.. 

Iris playing princess brides in forementioned negligee..

Old School address/birthday book. 50c

I love old plastic baskets. A lot.
Better colours. Feels better.

A bit pricey, but cool ($6)

NICE big kitsch painting from the Dump Shop.
It's big.
Bigger than my boobs even - see?!

Other random cheap scores..
* Linen of course * Swedish  dish * Rose napkin set (yellow) and fab plastic rainbow bling that Iris and I will hustle over
* purple egg cups 20c  * The kind of old undies that crack me up! * Funky old spoons for my stash.. * Cool OLD board game 20c  * Cot flannelette sheets x2.. NOT for a cot as we don't have one - for a quilt backing or something..

I forgot to post this earlier on as we've had it for a while...

THIS is our most fabulous new lamp.
but we love it.
It was our Christmas prez to ourselves, via trademe..

This is what it looks like off.
Prob not everyone's cup of tea - but we LOVE it!!!

Commenting SO far behind sorry...
Trying to get to it!

But thanks again.

8 February 2013


Well that was quite a break!

We've had a brilliant summer.

something happened that rocked my world..
My friend's daughter had an accident and is in Starship (children's hospital)
with a broken body

There is still a bit of hope she could walk again, 
but for now she is learning to live a very different kind of life, with no feeling from her chest down.

I just didn't feel like blogging.
Out of respect.
Plus I'm overwhelmed with sadness and awe, 
 disbelief and 
blown away by what my friend and her girl (and the rest of the family)
have been forced to go through.

It's incredible.

But here I am.
And life is going on.
And blogging will now recommence..

..Although this continues to occupy my mind a lot, and love and strength are being sent out and up to Starship from me and so many others..

I feel incredibly lucky.


In no particular order:

At 'our' amazing beach. (I haven't photo- shopped this!!! The colours were amazing)

Quite possibly my fav beach photo.

Been hanging at home quite a lot.

Been fishing.

Been room re-arranging
(This type of things takes SUCH a long time with my bunch of kids. Epic)

Been ticking things off our Summer-List-of-Things-to-do.
Lemon Meringue Pie - check.

Been watching babies a baby grow. 

Been packing/unpacking the car. Sans trailer!  I.n.s.a.n.e.

Been celebrating
and hanging out with cousins. Gold.

Lemonade Stand - check.

Just hanging out together.

Been to 'the mount' ..

So here I am.

And I'll be catching up on blogs - looking forward to it...

And I DO have op shop posts to share.. hopefully soon.

Hope you're all happy and healthy .