30 August 2013

Frock on a Friday: And it was All Yellow

SO today is Daffodil Day here, the annual fundraiser for the Cancer Society.

When I only had one or two kids
I used to help with the fundraising efforts on this day, selling daffodil brooches for a donation..

And before that I used to deliver yellow bunches of daffodils to businesses and shops (for the Cancer Society)..

Now we just dress in yellow,
buy a daff each from the street sellers
and the kids go to school in yellow, with their gold coins to donate.

And  I think about those struggling and lost
and I just cuddle my healthy babies and think about how lucky and healthy we are.

And how much I miss my Mum..


The Frock part!

Last year I found that I actually, surprisingly didn't have any yellow clothes!

I made it a bit of an op shopping mission to find some yellow by the last Friday of August this year...
I now have a few options!
Today I wore:
* a very yellow towelling dress (70s/80s)
* a yellow two-piece negligee set
* yellow laced-sneakers - they have yellow flowers on the side. (bought in the Naki)
I didn't wear the negligee to playgroup.
I might one day.

Strangely, as we walked to playgroup this morning we saw a very yellow truck  and an even yellower rubbish truck. (not seen a yellow one before) Iris was pretty excited about that!
Daffodil bracelet-making.
Yellow dress from Gabrielle.
There is hope
and there is joy.

But cancer sux.

Just sayin.



Vix said...

Yes, it does.

You must wear your negligee to the nursery, it's blinking gorgeous! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Va va voom what a sexy yellow little number. =D
I love the little daffodil bracelets. They are quite cute.

Penny-Rose said...

I hear you, cancer is awful, but you are right there is joy and there is hope. The bright yellow daffodils are like trumpets heralding the spring and hope, hang on to the happiness. You look stunning in yellow and your family are just so cute.

bonsaimum said...

Great post.

nz green buttons said...

yup it does! My son's preschool teacher passed away earlier in the year from cancer. We had a wonderful daffodil day at preschool, so much yellow and fun xxx

La Dama said...

Yes, it does amor. loving your yellow gorgeous nightie. You should wear it out sometime.


Misfits Vintage said...

I also LOVE yellow - and miss my Mama <3

You are gorgeous.

Sarah xxx