31 October 2012

Hallowed Halloween Awards (according to me)

I've had a halloween overload!

It's way more of a big deal in other countries than it is down here.
Partly because it's not all pumpkins and autumn leaves here right now.
And it doesn't get dark till about 9pm.

Our version of trick or treating is often some kids with no dress ups on at all, carrying a plastic bag, bashing on your door and saying "Got any lollies?". Bah Humbug.

 But it's fun to see the excitement in other parts of the world. And we do do dress ups here sometimes. (We're having a 'Hallo-fawkes' party in the weekend at some friends' place who live out in the countryside. Bonfire etc and scary games..)

Here are my Halloween Awards for the Year 2012, from my blog friends..

Best Halloween themed photo: Vintage Coconut

Most friggin amazing costume: Heather's Thrifty Closet (Half raven, Half Edgar Allan Poe, of course)

Most effective and simple kids' costume: Mum of All Trades ( incl tutorial, no less)

And now for something completely different:

A couple of questions answered:

1. The mouse is gone. We got 2 in a trap and poisoned another. And that's all I know about. Shudder. I'm sorry if that killing them offends mice lovers all over the world but it is me or the mice in this house - and my kids need feeding! I now can't open drawers in as carefree a way as I used to - for fear of one jumping out... incl the dishwasher drawer in which I MAY have seen one crawling over the CLEAN dishes. Bleugh. Faint. 

2. Carrying the haul at a Jumble Sale can indeed be challenging! A good question! Fortunately the women and men running the one the other day were so lovely and offered to stash my stash behind the counters. This of course is done at one's own risk. There is a chance that things may be lost or resold, so frequent checking was required!! 
Then  I stood guard over the loot while my wonderful Sister-in-law went and got the car from down the road and we got a park right outside. The second hand gods smiled down upon us that day.

So that's that mystery solved for those who enquired!
A little tip while we're on this topic: Always go to jumble sales with lots of carry bags that can go over shoulder or even on the back!

You're welcome.

29 October 2012

Fair Loot


I am going to do a post soon on this topic of op shops becoming too expensive. I have read lots of other people's posts about that very thing just lately too... 


I can't imagine church fairs/jumble sales being anything but bargainous, no matter what happens in SOME op shops!

I spent $60 ($49.32 US/ $47.52 AUS/ 30.64 GBP/ $49.17 CAN) 
This annual sale is always amazing. This year it was almost overwhelming. HUGE piles of everything. Everywhere you looked. They don't do clothes or shoes anymore as it was too much!

Blue stool. Bit weathered but I love it and the weave is in perfect order.

My fav - Paradise Springs Rotorua.

Christchurch Town Hall
Tea Tray to add to my collection

Large tin. Mum had a round red and pink version of this.

Kids' stuff. Some will be appearing under the christmas tree/in stockings! 

Two vintage cuisenaire rod sets. A veil that Iris is going to die for!!

A quite ugly, but strangely appealing 80s leather hand bag, rainbow bag, and the melbourne wallet morphs into a shopping bag.
dolls clothes

6 really good quality sheets

* Silver cake servers, spoons etc
* Brooch and earrings set
* The necklace I have been searching for all my life
* A brooch  (there was a whole table of brooches $2 or $3 each + loads more jewellry)
* old pink nail care set

* Huge bag of bling for Iris
* Pink teaset. I have a blue one to match!

2 random bags of stuff. I'll keep the good stuff and pass on the rest to the oppie..

3 old board game boards.
They will look neat on the wall in the kids' room.

* Cute little cotton hand embroidered shirt -says a dormir
* metal fruit bowl
* pink plastic bowl. I LOVE this!
* random books. I hardly looked at the books they had. There were so many.  
My kids are currently obsessed with Mr Bean!
* Beautiful big sewing tin
* Very large tin rubbish bin

I also bought morning tea for me and my sister-in-law.
So pretty good bang for my buck I  recon!
Well less than $1 per item if I were to work it out. 
And such fun.

Get into it NZ!
Spring Fairs/ fetes/gala season is upon us!!
Rumble at the jumble!

Happy Days

I'm going to link this one up to Sir Thrift-a-lot's Thrift report

and also at A Living Space 

27 October 2012

A Note..

Today I'm in the paper (NZ Herald on SUnday).. I was interviewed on my opinion of the demise of the 'Glory Days' of op shopping.. (I feel another blog post coming on!!)

It's happened a bit/is happening here in Hamilton too sadly.

The $2 mirror referred to in the article.

But the article was mainly referring to Auckland, where I believe the situation has become far more out of control!!

There are still plenty of 20c, 50c and $1 items to be found, if you know where to look, and HOW to look!

I'd like to announce, if you're reading this, that bargains are plentiful in Hamilton op-shops,(But don't tell anyone!!) most of which you will see on this blog, often!   

No, seriously, if anyone wants a guided tour of where to find the op shops in Hamilton, I'll help you! 

And don't give up on op shopping!! It's a brilliant thing to do, for so many reasons!

Happy Days! 

Stay tuned for my most amazing JUMBLE SALE haul EVER!!

Virtual Tea Party

When I suggested to Iris that we have a tea party, she really didn't need much encouragement at all!!

She stipulated a pink theme.
The dolls and teddies were dressed appropriately.
And the seating plan strictly adhered to.

There was pretend food for the toys..

..and pink coconut ice for us. 

"Would you like a treat Mummy?"

Iris was (ahem) in charge of milo/tea.

Iris took some fab photos of the event.

Thanks for hosting
Mum's Simply Living!!

 Everything is from an op shop..
* the wooden cake stand and food (gifted)
* the felt food (handmade by my sister-in-law)
* 2 of the dolls (gifted)
* the doll's highchair (Iris was given that by her grandparents for her birthday)

The dolls, teddies, tea sets, toy sets, tea cosy, doll clothes, our clothes, table cloths, table, chairs and vase/jug are thrifted..

25 October 2012

Friday Floral

A further floral, on this stunning fabulous friday..to finish Floral Week.

Chronic bitchface syndrome.Wow I look mad.
I actually wasn't. I was posing for the self-timer. 
Had to add some flowers to lift the mood.

These plastic flowers were our garden in our studio flat in London!

Doing my famous cover-up-the-messy-house-thank you-picmonkey trick..

Top: Got it this week at Gateway Op Shop, in fill-a-bag for $3. Gold
Cardy: Crochet purple. Op shopped YEARS ago and still love it
Once upon a time it did up at the front LOL!!

Black yoga pants: given by a friend when I was pregnant.I had to cut about a metre off the bottom of the legs.

Have a lovely Friday!!!

Don't forget to join in the tea party if you want! (see previous post!)

Virtual Tea Party

Sunday 28th October I will be joining in with the


happening this weekend in Blogville.

 Image from UK hire company Pineapple Vintage 

Set up by the hostess with the mostest @ Mum's Simply Living.

You just do a little tea-party related post and link it back to her blog.

YOu could go all the way and have a tea party, or
* a pretend tea party with your toys
* show us your tea set/tea pot/table cloth collection
* share a recipe..

She hosts it annually..
It's a bit of fun!

24 October 2012

Floral Week

Sarah has declared it Floral Week..

Yesterday I wore THREE floral items, not all at once..

Number 1:
This patchwork skirt was given to me the other day. I wore it for the morning, but I really don't think it's my style. Ultra twirly and comfy, but just not me.. But DEFINITELY FLORAL! 

Number 2:
So I moved into one of my fav florals - had it for years, made it myself.
Number 3:
Added on top of the skirt, my newest apron.
Barkcloth. Don't I look sexy?! Seriously cool. Those are my PJ pants.. Arlo spilled down my legs - so on went the PJ pants.  My life is so thrilling!

After I hung the apron back behind the door, I noticed the price tag still attached.
 Then I noticed the other one! LOL Wonder what I paid?! 

23 October 2012

Recent Finds

A few recent bits and pieces... 

Huge drawstring bag.. just like my Mum used to make.. (scrabble pieces, puzzles etc were stored in them..) 50c
I haven't just bought this - I just FOUND it in a bag of stuff here!
Had it for years.. Still technically a 'recent find!'
kitsch wall plate with a bit of bizarre hand painting over-layed! 20c 

This is ceramic and is actually a pencil sharpener! About 10cm high. 50c

Australiana calendar tea towels, obviously..

VERY cool soft but sturdy plastic set.. These were in those banana boxes worth of stuff I got at a garage sale the other week...
I LOVE old christmas kitsch. I just think it looks so much better in the box! 
I wish the shop workers wouldn't write the prices on the boxes though!!

Yeh this isn't a recent find really.. I got him 5 months ago.. He's looking especially delectable in his yellow rain poncho..

Another gratuitous Arlo photo. I could eat him all up he's getting so cute!!

Yay there's a high coming over up here in Hamil-vegas, NZ!

Happy Days!