30 December 2012

Happy New Year!

So it's the last day of 2012 here in NZ..
A beautiful morning.

We're going to do this in 2013..

I'm off on blog-cation..
Might be popping in from time to time, but don't expect much from me..
The pohutukawa trees are in full bloom, meaning a long hot summer ahead!

Thanks to all my lovely followers, commenters and stalkers this year!

Happy Days!

29 December 2012

Christmas Post - part 2 - The Big Day

I've really enjoyed having quick glances (literally that's about all I've had time for lately) at christmas around blogland/the world
so here are a few from the 25th of my family..
It's all about the kids...

I WISH this photo was in focus. SO brilliant.

At John's folks' for christmas lunch..+ cousins..
Waiting for the 'pop-pop bottle' to fly!

cheesy christmas bow. 

Seriously, I took about 20 photos of this lot, and these are THE BEST I got. 

SUCH good food. 

Garden potatoes. 

What we all wanted to do that afternoon!!!

Now the christmas stuff is all put away for next year
(I'm like that - no Twelfth Night thing for me.)
Next up - the New Year festivities. Hurrah.

Happy Days!

Overdue Christmas post!

These are some snapshots of CHristmas.
I know - it's over so you all probably don't want to see any more christmas..

But there's this post and another to come sorry..
These photos are from before the big day.

Freebies from Bakers Delight again...THANK YOU!!!

THESE are heaven. (brandy cream  unnecessary but SO GOOD!)

NOte about CHristmas pies..
We had to eat them in silence when we were kids.
It was the rule. One pie eaten in silence =  1 month good luck for the year ahead.
Maths = we had a family of 8 so for a year of good luck mum had to produce 96 pies.
I don't know if she made it up or what,
but I believe she did, in order to get 5 minutes peace every now and then! I can now understand why..

honeycomb santa from 1978.
50c from Hamilton's newest op shop
 (more about that later)

Me drinking from a cheesy christmas cup.
Arlo was drinking from me!

20 December 2012

Festive Family

Thanks to the good folks at
for the christmas snaps!!!

Hamilton peeps - GO to Trees at the Meteor!! So good. Entertainment for all.
And they'll do a couple of Awkward Family Photos for free.

 Happy Days!

19 December 2012


I'm doing it!!! Posting on consecutive days!!
History in the making.


As promised yesterday.. this is what 5 kids in a supermarket is like..

These 2 photos would have made a great GIF
(never done one before - I should give it a roll!)

All concentration.

Christmas is @ our place.

The lights we had when we were kids.
LOVE them.


Keeping it real.
What our place looks like after 3 days of holidays.

I should be dealing with it.
But I'm blogging.

Happy Days!

18 December 2012


Fabric bought at my local a couple of days ago. 

The tag said '3 pieces' but there was only one - bummer!
But $2 and  quite large, so yay!

So the kids are now on holiday.

I really love it, despite the obvious mayhem, busy-ness and 24/7 aspects..

We went to Cambridge today (half hour drive-ish) 
to go to the op shops see a few christmassy displays and stuff..

THey happen to have one of my all-time favourite oppies there..
The Union Parish.

GOLD, I tell you!!!
(THis photo is actually taken one day when it was closed)

ACTUALLY pickings were uncharacteristically slim. (or rummaging was tricky with 5 kids?)
But I got a couple of things.
And spent $6.

Needs a clean, but I LOVE the base

I love these old albums. This one will go nicely with my others..

Dolly hand bag (free) I want one in my size. 

MORE! Love the old decos.

Conjoined Clauses.
Obligatory linen.

I tried to add in here some supermarket photos (thrilling, I know!)
but having trouble doing that.. So maybe I'll do (*gasp* shock horror**) another post tomorrow!

I know you will surely die with excitement and antica-


Linking to Max

YOu know we love it.

14 December 2012

A Tradition...

12 12 12
was the last day we could do one of these crazy photos..

We've done them since 
01 01 01

Back when we had 4 kids!

Pregnant and my birthday (that's my twin bruv)...

A few crazy days ago..

These photos are the best we could get!

Iris wanted to hold the sign..

Happy Days!

we have done them since 01 01 01..

Just got to find them! (non digital days!)