20 June 2016

My Name is Linda and I like Stuff

I HAVE FINALLY added a directory (which is actually still in draft form but it's a start!!) on a page, as you'll see on the tabs above this. If anyone wants to know where the oppies are at in Hamilton New Zealand, click on it!! Contact me if you need a tour!

You might think I op shop all day long, every day. Dreams are free!!

But on that topic, my dream job would ACTUALLY be to go to op shops and Garage Sales and hunt for stuff to meet my clients' needs  - a bit like a personal op shopper! Or buying/ sourcing props for a particular film or TV thing or magazine..   anyone out there want to employ me?!!! 

I am digressing! I have spent about a week trying to get this post together. That's how life is! I think today might actually be the day I manage to hit the publish button on this! Yay me!

These are some recent acquisitions, in no order at all. Randomly and chaotically, a bit like my life right now!
I hope y'all in blogland are in a good and healthy space. 


Off the 20c shelf at Vinnies in Frankton. Hairline crack in the inside - but perfect for holding tooth brushes or something.

Crown Lynn bowl for Stan (very old)
Love the old candle boxes!
among other things..

Squeakers. Somebody obviously must have dropped these all to the Sallies in a bunch as that's how I found them.

 Fabric finds from the last wee while. I am gearing up - slowly - for a sewing attack.

 I am sentimentally drawn to these type of coathangers. Strange but true.

A bit of an internal squeal when I happened upon this at my local and favourite oppy. $2.50. It's large. After we renovate I will work out where it goes!!

 For those that don't know I love Sindy Dolls from the 1970s/ early 80s, just like the ones I had. I collect them whenever I chance upon them,I also love fruit and vege salt and pepper shakers.

Linen. Because...

 .. you can never have too much. cough, cough. 

Phone book cover, done in my favourite NanaTechnology style. Exquisite 1950s wallpaper on the inside. Yes, we still have a phone book in Hamilton!

6 soft brushed flannelette hotty covers, exquisitely made - 20c each. Perfect! I bought the HWBs brand new!! Lol

New* dresses for me.

$3 total.

I don't pay much for op shop stuff. I generally only get clothes if there is a half price sale or something.. and I just can't adjust to the prices on some things these days. So these things would all have been $2 or less. Most would be much less. I wouldn't pay more than 20c for a sewing pattern, for example. Or $1 for a teatowel.. 

There is a new op shop in Frankton, in the main drag. These were from there. The woman lets you pay what you think it's worth. She is into bartering. PLus she sews and adjusts things as you shop. Very cool.

She still has her 50c tag on - but I'm fairly certain she's worth a lot more.. from what I can work out, she is one of the earliest Sindy Dolls.. before real eyelashes. Made in Britain. ANyone know anything about that? Iris is defo NOT playing with this one!

Prisk St oppy. Pyrex tea set. Yes, $3. I bought it for a friend.

Happy Days!