20 February 2014


6th and final edition due in August!

Currently 4 months along.
Might explain my lack of posts lately!!
Just so lacking in energy - but mojo is slowly crawling back, thanks to some mean iron supplements.

Happy Days!

12 February 2014

Slim Pickings

This Op Shopping Mama hasn't been op shopping much!
The times I have, I have been disappointed by the lack of stuff I'm into, 
and how overpriced a lot of it is..

I don't often experience this.
It will be a temporary thing, I know.

Anyway - here are some of my recent finds, like from the last month..

Very South Island-y photo in a frame.

Quite a few new shirts and other clothes actually in half price/end of season sales..
Framed picture book pages. 50c so I had to get them.

Cute quilt.

FAB jacket (vinyl) Very cool. Modelled by one of my boys.

And I hadn't finished sharing my new treasures from the garage sale series (they had at least 4 - I missed the last 1 or 2 when we were away for a few weeks)
Here and here are my previous posts about that lovely sale.

This little old doll has very cute knitted clothes - even undies. Her eyes open when she sits up.
I will give this to Iris in the future.

WE used to call these Swaps when we were kids - I'm sure they had a proper name!
A whole lot of them - SO awesome!!!

Just a selection - there are too many to photograph.

I particularly like the brownie ones. (top right)
I got a HUGE box full of olds mags.. ranging from 60s to the 80s. I am loving reading them. There are all sorts.

When people first got freezers, they also needed a publication to explain how to use one.. it includes what to freeze, how to freeze it, how it is safe, how to thaw etc... Fascinating stuff!

Blank albums. ONE DAY I'll fill all my fabulous blank albums with ACTUAL photos that I will have printed out!!

Fab postcard book from Disneyland. Very 'retro' photos.

Happy Days!

3 February 2014


I'm still alive!!
The kids went back to school today.. so I have some breathing  blogging space.

I love the holidays. A lot. 
But BUSY is what it ends up being, just on account of the numbers! 
Home schoolers: RESPECT!

We made a list of what we wanted to do, and ticked it all off...
For example:



Pick blueberries-

Go to the BMX track-


We feel thoroughly holidayed!