27 February 2012

Op SHop-aroony

So I borrowed my sister's camera..
Mine is still hiding from me..

Recent finds..

Thermos in perfect nick from Vinnies.. ($1) 

Not my favourite ever tin but for 50c.. I'll have it! Kitsch.

My favourite find..
A retro baby caddie thing. Quite big and really useful looking! ($4) 

Has an extra little tray/shelf thing at the top.. I'll prob put baby stuff in here.. who knows?

And finally...
This mirror arrived from Helga!
I love it!
It will be joining my mirror wall, as soon as I get around to it!

Thanks Helga.
YOU are fabulous! xx

22 February 2012

Camera-less/ Camping

I'm so gutted - I can't find my camera anywhere!
Can't work it out at all..
It's amazing how many photo opportunities go by in a week - frustrating!

I have also found some great op shop scores this week that I have got stashed in a pile for when I find the camera.. (please let me find the camera!)

I'll put in the photos of our summer camping instead.. from about a month ago..

Found a great spot!

Bush walkers having their scroggin..

Bloody FREEZING stream!

21 February 2012

Heart-ing Christchurch

Today at 12.51pm it was a year exactly since the massive earthquake in CHristchurch that killed 185 people.

It's hard as a New Zealander to not think about our fellow Cantabrians at this time.. they are still dealing with shite from the earthquakes, so many effects and  issues for everyone. Not to mention the tragedy and heart ache of friends and family members lost.. 

If you were to  'google' Christchurch earthquakes/images, you would see such scenes of devestation,
people dying
people injured
people in shock 
people grieving
people helping
people trying to re-build
people trying to heal.. 
it's pretty incredible.

So thinking 'bout that today. It's sobering stuff.

16 February 2012


My Friday frock this week is LITERALLY one of my favourites.. I've had it for years. It was an early op shopping score - maybe from when I was about 16 or so.  It would have cost me no more than 50c - as NOTHING cost more than that back then! (Glory Days!)

It has a zip up the front and THE grooviest pattern ever.

Bad photo - Iris took it! The dress is a mini. I wore it with leggings (too hot for tights) and black jandals/sandals.. I simply can't get good photos of myself. Need to get me a tripod! The bump fits in it .. for now!

Iris's frock is an old-timer too..

Very colourful and cute. Op shopped. of course.

Have a lovely weekend!

14 February 2012


Valentines Day..
Love Day, as we call it in our house.
We just dress in red and eat something RED and love each other, about as much as we already do!

But we also love chocolate, so that's usually a feature! Any excuse..
(both pairs of matching shoes are from the op shop, of course.. just like pretty much everything we wear!)

And just because it's Love Day - here's my favourite love poem.. it was on our wedding invitation..

7 February 2012

Op SHop Booty in the heat of Summer

I have ventured out a wee bit lately, though not much, coz it's TOO HOT! 
Now that school's back in (THIS is when the holidays should be on, right now!) things are returning to normal and I am getting to a few op shops, every now and then! 
I never go too long without a 2nd hand fix!

Kitsch plastic flowers - no longer working.. but I adore them. 

50c - bargain! 

Super cute shorties for the baby..

Iris loves this puzzle.

Shirt for Op Shop Daddy - he chose it himself actually..

My first grey table cloth. Love.

MORE fabric! 

OK these are not from the op shops, but I found them as I continued to empty the boxes and bags in the shed.. (I have a LONG way to go!) My Mum kept everything, incl a whole lot of these Times supplements from the 60s. She must have known what fascinating reading they'd be in the future. Even the ads are fascinating.. thanks Mum.

This is what you call BUSTING OUT! 

This cute dress was in a Fill-a-bag-for $1 .. so was probably less than 10c! 

Summer fruit is overwhelming at the moment (and delicious) I'm onto the 4th bucket load of these delicious plums! Yum-ness!

Happy Days!

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