6 August 2013

Happy Days

 Today was a day when it really felt like Spring is on its way...
Beautiful sun.

Here are some recent finds...

You know I love me some kitsch glass flower action.

HOw come this hadn't been snaffled up for $2?
Perfect for a certain 4 year old's fairy forest party coming up... saves me a couple hours behind the sewing machine!

Too pretty for just holding pots! This is going on a skirt or top..

Not exactly eye candy, but a good demo of why you should go to the op shops if you need something, instead of buying a crappy new thing for a whole lot more!
For the wall in one of the boys' rooms

Best cotton is old cotton!

Cute bag with a different kind of handle situation.. interesting!
To add to my swizzle stick collection. 

Cute bunting..

Happy Days!

New Followers 
Old Followers

And by the way, that follow thing on the right-hand side still works . They said it wouldn't, but it does..

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Sue said...

Loads of good stuff on offer at our oppies and most are even having sales. I got some good scores today, it is a pity I didn't bump into you.

Lea said...

Lots of treasure hunted down. The patchwork will look awesome on a shirt or skirt. Great idea!

fabriquefantastique said...

Ohhh, love those brushes. I look forward to opping some more when I return to NZ in January ( it will be my 7th visit)

McLaughlin said...

Which is your favourite Hamilton Op Shop?

pastcaring said...

So much goodness!
Is it weird that I especially love the one square among all the bunting triangles?
All my cottons are thrifted too! Happy days indeed! xxxx

Jess B said...

My Mum used to have a bag just like that one! It was in the dress-ups for a while. Wonder what happened to it...

Julie - Slice in the Life of Julie said...

You have a swizzle stick collection? That is awesome!!

two squirrels said...

Yay lots of op-shop treasures.
Love V

thimble said...

love that bunting!

Anonymous said...

Quite partial to the pink floral background. Is that a sheet, tablecloth, curtain, blanket, or something else altogether? Loving the bunting. Has part of a crew that "sewed" bunting for all the shops in Featherston for the Worl Cup (Georgia was our Country), but when they found out I was useless at sewing, was relegated to being the tea lady. That's ok, I can make a mean cuppa!

Jane George said...

how cute is that bunting!