29 June 2011


I've had not much time for the blogaroony lately..

And here's why:

We just snaffled this up yesterday..
Settlement/handover is on the 20th July..
So we have to sell this house of ours here...

AND -  we all know what that means!


22 June 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #9 TV TRAYS

(dedicated to Florence @ Sunshine of My Loves)

These are used on Friday nights for
(DVD and some kind of non-standard dinner!
 ie without a focus on veges!)

Despite how beaten up this one is, it's my fav!

We have 7.. but a couple more would be 
perfect.. just for extra friends and cousins who 
sometimes join our Friday frenzy!!

20 June 2011

OP SHOP BOOTY - recent finds

VERY cool old photo..

As usual, a couple of old floral sheets for patches,
chopping up, making stuff
or,, using as sheets!

Iris will fit these in a year or so.
A bit scuffed, just like a real Cowgirl's.

Can't pass wickerware by - have a few of these
little tables (foot stools?)
This is my first in this colour though. In love. 

Some ties for Op Shop Daddy.
Not that he wears ties very often.. but he rocks
them when he does!

Can't have too much fake fruit.
We do a really good game of 'Shops'.

LOVE this totally kitsch tray.
Sheep walking down a road? On your table?!
Hilarious. Very NZ.

Adore turquoisey type of duck-egg blue
colours at the moment.

Still thinking of that doily bunting idea..

FAVOURITE find. $1 for this wood veneer 
cassete storage thing. IN LOVE again!
This will have something is it,
at some stage.
Pens? Crafty things? Kids stuff?
Photos? Time will tell!

Can't go past kitsch fruit. Especially if it's $1.

More doilies. Going for the coloured ones.
Saves me dying them.

Not retro, but could be!
Wish they came in my size!

Happy Hunting!

Joining up with the lovely linky at 

Her Library Adventures

17 June 2011

Five Friday Faves

1.. This Crown Lynn postcard.

2. PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIO show.. How much do I love Louis Spence and this hilarious show?!! And  I LOVED my off-the-shoulder aqua Pineapple sweat top thing in the 80s.
How I longed to be a dancer!!

3. . Being a Mummy to these 2 cheeky faces..
MOST of the time!!
More messes here!

4. . This funky idea..  doily bunting!
Listed on etsy and found via Pinterest.

5. . This cute room by UK artist Jane Foster found here.
So vibrant.
I'm  always thinking about houses and rooms and making all my stuff 'work'!!

Hope you're all digging your weekend!!

15 June 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #8WOOLEN BLANKETS


For those who missed it.. I made a challenge to myself at the start of this  blog..

My house is full and I mean FULL with STUFF!

wallpaper collection 

It's stuff that I love, and it makes me happy. ANd I've been collecting like a little magpie since I was young.. 
Some are purposefully coveted, then hunted and gathered.. but other things have just formed their own collections, bit by bit, in my house! HA! How did that happen?!!

One of my first collections - as a teenager - chiffon scarves!! (I know - wierd huh?)
 But SO many uses!!
'More about that another day maybe!

{But my point is.. that I'm challenging myself to rationalise it all a bit.. get it all together, work out if it's stuff I still want, work out if I'm displaying or using it right.. etc.. And see how much stuff I've got! And I thought that I could probably find enough collections for a weekly post each week for a year!

And have a bit of fun with all my stuff! And get rid of the other crap that I maybe DON'T love..

One day I'd LOVE to work out how to do a linky thing so I can see other people's collections.. That would be cool..
Has anyone done one yet, do y'all know?}

are a bit of a recent passion of mine.

I adore this softy made by SPROUT designers here in Hamilton..
I take a photo of Iris with it every 6 months or so..
His name is TOM.

Some of them are stacked in a corner of the sewing room at the moment..
Waiting for me to do stuff with them..
I've done cushions and sppliqued pockets and stuff..

I only like to cut into the ones that are frayed or stained.

But I will one day do some patchwork squared blankets I think..

13 June 2011

Sad for Christchurch + My First Award

This morning I'm thinking about friends and family in Christchurch.
So unfair.

And all the other places that have to endure disasters 
like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes etc..
We feel very lucky here in Hamil-vegas, NZ.

On a lighter note:

I am thrilled to be given this award by one of my favourite blogarillos.
Thanks to Sarah at  MISFITS VINTAGE, one of the funniest and funkiest gals out there in Blogland..

(This award was apparently started in Germany and is good for SHARING THE BLOG LOVE
when it is nominated to bloggers that have under 100 followers. )

So I'm going to continue sharing the love with the other rookie (maybe?) 
 blogs that are rocking my world right now!

If y'all want to accept the award, all you have to do is 

Happy Days!

12 June 2011

Recent finds..

 LInking up to Her Library Adventures this week for the hunting and gathering party...

Sewing box- yuss!!!!

A bit too much chin in the photo - but I love this little string of wooden beads!

KITSCH table cloth. It's huge..

Got a thing about budgies! 

Love this little onesie.. ala Eric Carle.

Cushion cover. But it might become something else..

50c for a cute little set of bowling pins and ball. Iris can have those when her 2nd birthday rolls around.

Another table cloth. love the yellow and grey.

Inside was somebody's sticker collection....

These are a nostalgia trip for me. The Munch Bunch I believe. 

Happy Days!