29 October 2013

Jumble Sale-ing Part 2

So here's the rest of the haul from my last post (last Saturday's sale scores)

Canister action.

Beaut lamp.

You've seen the cat on the left, but these two were hanging together on the toy stall ..
Iris has a yellow/green version of that wool guy.. So now Arlo will be getting one for christmas - happy days!

Brooches - there were loads as always, for $2 each. 

YOu know I love that terrible kitsch tat.

And those candles I bought for that cute box. 

That red basket is in perfect nick. .
That $2 quilt - =love. (We have another the same)

Anyone have this game as a kid? All the bits are there but no instructions! I can't work it out. 

There was a HUGE pile of old postcards. I only got these 4. So good. They were 10c each. 

Best. Christmas. Tin. Ever.

Nutrimetics vanity case.

These cards have had a lot of play by my kids (and me) already.
Very cute.

Large heavy Meakin cake plate.
 So that's about it.
There were a few other bits and pieces. Including some gifts for some vintage loving family/friends that I can't display here! Plus I got loads of plants.
All up this lot pictured here would have been about $20.

It's been nice connecting with the blogworld again - thanks for the comments!

Happy Days!

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25 October 2013

Jumble Sale Mama

SO here I am
after another break..

Life and other shite has been seriously getting in the way.
I need a few more hours in the day, preferably in the evening after the kids are all asleep!

The good news is that it's Spring here
and that means

Op Shopping is infrequent for me at the moment.. I save my pennies for the Church Fairs and Galas on Saturdays. 
More bang for my buck.
They're like pop up op shops.
Usually you get a bunch of stuff and get a bulk price. 

The following things were part of a haul at my favourite, the St Albans/ Chartwell Co op Church annual fair, which is legendary. 
(I was first in the door this time - LOL!
Only because I wanted a good close park, and I didn't want to go back home between jumble sales..)

Favourite find. A beautiful quilt that will be in Iris's Christmas haul. 

Kitsch and birds. Brilliant.
Royal kitsch.
(On the birth of the princess that wore the funny hat at The Wedding. Great birthdate by the way 8.8.88.)

Tupperware picnic.

The kids have LOVED this. Magnetic shapes.
Arlo will be getting this for Christmas. 
A beach/garden mat. Very funky design on both sides.
Cute cat!
Sweet little thing. SO much work has gone into this. It's quite old by the looks, but in beautiful, perfect condition.
That was half of the loot from that sale. That was about $10 worth.
I'll post about the rest of the stuff hopefully soon!

I'll also try and catch up on blog reading - it's a long weekend here in NZ.. so yay!

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7 October 2013


We've just been on a really lovely beach break..

Those last posts were scheduled - first time I've done that and it actually worked!)

Best breakfast view ever. 
So good.
Cute cousin time.
Beach football.
Did I mention the food?!
Fresh snapper
(my boys are 'hooked' on fishing with their Uncle Mike)

Shell collecting.

Happy, Happy Days!

6 October 2013

New Stuff ..Part 2

Funky orange breakfast tray.
($1 from a garage sale)
*New puzzle too for Iris..

Tea towel. Obvs.

HOW MUCH do I love this kitsch thing here??!!!
A LOT!!!!
The whole thing is brilliant.
Kitsch as hell and I love it.
(needs a clean up)

Teeny tiny bamboo houses and boxes for a certain daughter.
Perfect for christmas stocking.
20c each.

Beaten up bird. 50c.
Couldn't leave it behind.

Orange lamp for a certain husband.
Has been tested and checked off.

$5. Score.

Clip on earrings to KILL my ear lobes. But they were $1.
So couldn't leave them behind!
FAVOURITE recent score,
from the Sallies down the  road.
Kartell table for $8.
I love that dark yellow classic colour.
Happy Days!!!

4 October 2013

Frock on Friday

This is a catch up Friday Frock.

A few weeks ago our school (Woodstock)
had a fundraiser Quizz Night.

They couldn't find anyone famous so I had to be the quizz master/MC..

The theme happened to be 'Op Shop'..
Not my idea - but I was obviously able to oblige!

I had a few emergency calls from some of my friends who needed frocks...
I got a selection out.
Some are from LONG ago, that I haven't worn for ages, mainly because I can't fit my ass(ets) in.

As the Quizz Master, the 'tache was obligatory.
I absolutely love this green dress. It is SO comfy. 
The necklace was my Mum's meeting necklace (or that's what I called it)
She wore it when she went to Borough Council meetings in Greytown (my home town)
I remember the long boots, the perfume
and this necklace! (circa 1976/77)

Jo wore this fabulous 70s bridesmaid's number.
I found it a couple of years ago and I LOVE it.
It is so OTT it is INSANE!
Happy Days!

2 October 2013

New Stuff... Part 1

It's the school holidays..

I haven't been doing much op shopping..

But as I had a big lag between posts, I have a backlog of thrift bragging to do!

Cute coloured little port glasses.
(THere is NOTHING like port for soothing the throat!)

20c each. Bargain.

1986 kiwiana.
Also 20c.

Baskets for storage (an obsession of mine)
and I can't resist old tiles like that.

Funky bird.

Crown Lynn jug.
I don't buy every Crown Lynn jug I see - but I like this one a lot. ($1.50)

Cute bird.
My bird collection grows..

Speaking of birds...
Linda @Hey Homewrecker!
(one of my favourite blogs..)
sent me

..these adorable little vintage love birds.

SO cute.
And Iris is in love too.

Thank you Linda!

Happy Days!