27 April 2012

Friday Frocks

Happy Friday!

Can't see much of the frock..it's a great pattern though.
Actually a large piece of fabric sewn into a skirt and hauled over large bump!

Frock: fabric op shopped and sewn by me.
Belt: From the tip shop I think, a few weeks ago
Cardy: Very comfy. From a charity shop in the UK  for 50p  about 12 years ago..
Shoes: None as i can only fit jandals or flip flops but prefer to wear nothing! Feet too swollen.

Iris dressed herself in TWO dresses.

All of her clothes are op shopped, garage-saled, given or gifted.
Actually I very rarely buy anything new for the kids. 

Have a lovely weekend!

21 April 2012

Recent acquisitions

Apart from Te Kuiti, I've found the best op shops in Paihiatua in the Wairarapa. SO GOOD!

I adore this kitsch letter rack thing.

Four x Johnson cereal bowls = $1.50

ANOTHER table cloth etc

This dress was from a new op shop in Hamilton - which is brilliant. Very cheap and packed full o' stuff!

Another new 'NAna dress" 

Canister. Love

Tin tray.. to add to my collection.

I love these old photo frames. All my old aunties had them on their walls when we were kids. 

Make up/ toiletries travelling bag..

Another pair of these shoes (you might have seen them in a previous post)
I LOVE them so they'll be good when the other pair have had it.

I seem to be getting a bit of a collection of donkey planters.. I must put little  plants in them and see if they survive!

Good price for 4 crown lynn plates..

Happy Days despite my aching hands and swollen feet!

Somewhere in between 3 and 5 weeks to go before number 5 arrives!
Just starting to panic quietly about getting everything sorted!

We are having SUCH a glorious Autumn!

LInking up to Her Library Adventures and maybe Apron Thrift Girl if I can!

not rocking it!

OK this is my sad excuse for a Friday Frock post..
I LOVE this new dress I got at the op shop the other day.. but I wasn't really rocking it..

I've developed BAD carpal tunnel syndrome (like pins and needles and pain in my hands and wrists,) so computer action aint much fun.. hence lack of posts.

I'm going to my sister for some accupuncture hopefully today. Hope it helps. SO painful.

Having a beautiful autumn here.. school holidays couldn't have been better weather-wise. 

15 April 2012

Recent Finds

I am back from holiday! We went to Ohakune and then to Castlepoint.
We caught up with loads of 'old' mates and had a great time.
And the weather was sublime.

However I don't have a camera anymore 
(lost it)
so no photos!!! Doh! I'm hoping that our mates will e-mail some to us at some stage..


Here are some photos of things hunted and gathered a couple of weeks ago...

Some glasses cases to add to my collection.. They were $1 each from Vinnies. 

And for my wallpaper collection.. an extra large roll that might end up on the wall right there..

This might be in the next collection post I add.. a kitsch bird vase.. This is so badly kitsch. I love it! 

I don't always post pix of clothing I buy for the kids - as I get nearly ALL their clothes at the oppies. But this shirt is pretty cute so thought I would! She chose it herself. 

Pillow cases to add to my other besquillion,  two plastic wicker baskets (another collection post looming!) and a lovely hand knit for the baba..
I am NOT a fan of soft toys. I avoid them like the plague.
But Iris fell in love with this one. and I have to admit it's pretty cute.
Made out of one of those bedspreads.

She takes him all over the place. Here she is sharing her sammie with him..

Scarves incl some chiffon ones for my collection, THE cutest unworn baby pants, another pillow case, and some VERY cool tea towels.

I'll leave you with this charming photo. That's me a couple of weeks ago sporting the hairdo that Iris gave me. I wore it like this for most of the day - coz that's the kind of mummy I am! LOL

Hope it's happy days for y'all!

Linking up to Her LIbrary Adventures..

5 April 2012

Easter and frocks and a BIG bump

EASTER again..
It's a LOVELY time of year here in NZ. Getting a bit colder but the days are absolutely beautiful. ACtually I believe we've had a bit of a heatwave in the last 3 days.. SO HOT!
Iris's easter frock. (she thinks they're easter eggs)
This was another one that I had as a kid.
Bless my Mum for keeping them all.. she was SO thrifty, and sentimental!

Frock from yesterday.
A LONG maxi that someone gave me. Lightweight cotton from Glassons.
With my trusty navy cardy and the belt I got the other day at the oppy.

More balloon action.

This is what I put on at 6.30 am last week..
I didn't think about it as I chucked it on,but I had actually DRESSED like a BALLOON.

I picked this up a couple of days ago. LOVE IT! Will try and get a full length shot at some stage.

Had a scan yesterday to see how big the baby is. ( I have big babies, and since the delivery of my number three -11 lb 10oz -   we have had to monitor the sizes to avoid another baby getting stuck as it was
( I am a natural birth advocate but that was SCARY. )
Anyway, this baby is currently about 6 pounds something, and I still have 8 weeks to go. That's big.
Explains why I'm busting out of all my frocks and why my feet are so swollen.
Happy Easter.
Back in a week or so!

Hope you all have fun!
I'm looking forward to op shopping in other parts of this island!