30 April 2013

Collection Selection Linky - PLastic-Pretending-To-Be-Glass

This is a bit of a random collection, I know..
It's not a really collectible thing.. I just seem to collect it up!
This is a collection that I've just gathered in the last couple of years.
It's quite small..
And it's kind of daft..

But I've been meaning to photograph it because I wanted to see it together!


* Like stained glass windows.
These sundae bowls we had when we were kids. I pick them up when I see them, usually for 20c. I have  bought (thrifted of course!) 4 other sets that I gave to my siblings and friends who requested them..
(They are very easy to find!)

* Obviously, it's hard for the kids to break it
plus they feel posh with it on the table.

At least some of it usually features on the party tables...

* It's cheap as chips. 

My kind of collection!

29 April 2013

A Sneaky Garage Sale and All the Fun of the Fair

I wasn't going to go to any Garage Sales on Saturday.. 
I just HAPPENED to drive past a church sale
and so Iris and I just ducked in.

I only had $5 on me
and it was 10.30 
(very late in the garage sale-ing day!)

So I wasn't holding out too much hope.

But there were no other shoppers, 
a relaxed vibe, and we got:

(I can't resist little 10c and 20c stickers!)

* A couple of 80s crown lynn mugs.
* A bag of souveneir dolls like my Mum had
* A Made in Japan pheasant plate. Love those colours.
* A girl making a funny face.

* A cushion for the bed.

* A rose needlepoint that someone has slaved over.
beautiful. In a frame, under glass.

 * A Crown Lynn pattern that I don't already have.
* A tokens pot (for milk tokens) for nostalgic reasons!
 (The pens are in this, beside the phone now!)

* Iris also got a very cool puzzle (not pictured)
that she has literally done about 40 times since Saturday morning.

I think I spent $3.30.
Bless them. 

A good shopping experience!

ANd yesterday
we went to the Waikato Show..
A few pix:

This one looks like an album cover, don't you think?!
Completely candid, standing on some hay bales, watching the views!

Alpaca Love.
(Did you know they make a noise like a kazoo?!)

Mr Roberelli concert in action..

Best kids' music ever!!! 
(Here's their blog)
(Yes there were other kids there apart from mine! Mine are the lunatics that aren't shy to dance!)

She actually loved it!

Hamilton Heartbeat sculpture and a Moody evening sky.

Happy Days

And I want to say a big thank you to all the lovely commenters, followers and stalkers..
Y'all are ace!

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27 April 2013

Garage Sale Booty.. Part 2 in which I find 3 Thermii

Here's Part 2 of last weekend's Garage Sale loot...

I spent $20 at the sales last week.. on this lot and the one from last week.. 
If ever the op shops get too expensive (that's another post topic!) there should always be Garage Sales. 
More bang for your buck!

I love pots like this. I have a feeling this is s'posed to be a type of fruit, but is missing its lid..
But I LOVE it.
Perfect for spoons or sugar..

I usually like what I find that is "made in West Germany.."
I'd love to check out op shops in that part of the world.
(When we went there I searched and searched but needed some inside knowledge = fail)

Another blast from the past game. 

My siblings and I LOVED this game!

Two Crown Lynn jugs ($1 table @  Masonic Lodge sale)
I have already given these to a friend who is TOTALLY stoked and has filled them with autumn flowers from her garden.
I love it when things go to a good home!

More Crown Lynn.
John loves this one.
(they're his colours!)

THermii!!!I think I now have a collection of these.
Maybe 6.. I'll have to have a look..

Another unassuming jar from the Lions' Sale..(50c) I chucked it in my box of stuff to check when I got home..

The contents..
I LOVE this photo, because
1.  The spoons and forks are cool.

2. You can see Iris and me in the reflection = funny.

3. You can see Iris's hand - she was desperate to get her hands on the Princess spoon (yeh she loves princesses, and that's a 'real' one!) I love the look in her eye as she waits patiently for me to take the photo.. LOL

Another mirror. $2
These are really hard to photograph, unless they're hanging on a wall!

My other thermos.
ALL the kids had these when I was a kid at school, I'm sure! I really wanted one..

The kids looking at the rain.
Yes that's right, the drought finally broke, just in time for the school holidays!!

Jumble Sale action shots.

I've just got ultra-fast-fibre-optic internet connected up a couple of days ago.
It's fast, but it seems that my computer  (6 years old) can't keep up and frequently gets overwhelmed by a huge amount of data coming in so fast, and the connection drops out. Meh. Might have to get a new computer.. Managing to make a few comments on blogs, but sometimes via my little tiny-screen phone! 

I AM the biggest techno der-brain that walked, I think, which doesn't help much!
Quite proud of myself for getting that linky up and running the other day though.. 

Go me!

Happy Days!

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24 April 2013

Treasure Hunting

As I expected, last weekend's garage sales/jumble sales were AWESOME.
Kath and I left home before 7am (I know)
and we had a couple of hours
of blissful treasure hunting.

I walked into one sale and I must have breathed out a happy sigh. A friend who was there heard and said 
"Is this your Happy Place?!" 
And I said 
"Yes. Why Yes it is!!!"

Laugh out Loud!

This will be part one as I got quite a lot. 

I FINALLY found a typewriter. I have been coveting one for YEARS.
This one is exactly like the one Mum had.

It was $1.
Thank you  Masonic Lodge.

(Iris is sporting a new dress-up dress, 50c)
Sweet smelling,
not filthy or smelly AT ALL
(coz sometimes these old things can be!)
sleeping bag.
and so funky.

I LOVED this little box.

Hot curling set inside, which I won't be needing..
But I LOVE the box.

This bag was 20c and I knew it would have something cool in it (as I flung it into my box of stuff)

Swizzel sticks from NZ airlines in a bygone era..
Kiwi/tiki on the end..

I LOVE them. And they won't take up much room in my cupboard! Bonus!

Also on a NZ theme! Leather bag, large. 

That is the type of stuff that you use to line cupboards and shelves, and Mum used to cover our school books in it!

I love the frames with the tassels.. I have a wee stash of these now.

 You can get so much bang for your buck at Jumble Sales.

Just saying. 

Happy Days.

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p.s. I've loved seeing all the collections on the new linky! Please feel free to join us! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing collection posts! 

22 April 2013



This is something I've wanted to do for a while!

 SO here's my first COLLECTION SELECTION.. I talked about these in my first month of blogging. I had planned to document one of my collections weekly. 
 I think I got to Week 8..


This is most of  my Sifter Collection. 
I love them. 
They are mostly all functional. I use them, and have them in a row on a high shelf in the kitchen..
This is them in 2008 at a Collector's Fair here in Hamilton..

My favourite is the birdie one  on the left of the 2nd row..
Most are Propert and Willow brands.

They are all bought here in NZ. I never saw a single one in the UK, despite searching high and low. I have seen a lot on EBay USA..

(linking up to OP SHop Show-Off and to The Nifty Thrifty coz y'all know I love a good link up party!)