29 September 2011

recent finds

I went to the dump shop yesterday. It is always crammed with stuff, but has an extremely high turnover.. especially in the Springtime!

It was worth the trip.

I do wish people would donate their things to charity (op shops) rather than the dump, mind you. I believe the shop is privately owned.. but I might be wrong.

This is what I got:

Completely kitsch mounted canvas photo. I was smitten with this! So weird I love it. It is now on the wall in Gilly's bedroom.

I now have 6 of these exact pillow cases! These ones appear to be brand new. $1 the pair.

Find of the day.. Genuine marimekko retro fabric. This is folded both ways.... so is twice as wide and twice as long.  $4

Shirt. $1

How can anyone chuck this out?! Got this for $5. 

John is in love with this!

I shall do a new post tomorrow with more on my recent finds from home.. but here's preview!

Linking this post up to Virginia and the other thriftaholics!

have a lovely Friday!!!

28 September 2011


I am slowly getting moments of time to sift through all the bags and boxes that were in my loft - it's like a sentimental journey and christmas and a treasure hunt all rolled into one!

I will reveal what's in this pile when I get the chance. Contain your excitement folks!

I'm airing stuff out and washing it..  and finding all sorts of goodies!!

What joy and bliss!

Except for the parts where I find my WINTER clothes (yes folks, winter is now over - I KNEW I had more clothes somewhere!) and dresses that will no longer fit Iris!

3 shirts I have worn (and John the middle one too) for many years in Winter!
 But not 2011!
The one on the left was my Mum's. I have photos of her in it which I should find..
And I got the middle one in London at a charity shop.
The right hand one I got at a garage sale when I was probably about 17.

 All built to last, of course!

Happy Days indeed! 

27 September 2011


Done this before?

This was a fun activity we did the other day.

Seriously fun and a bit trippy.


I did it in my classroom once.. LONG ago!
And with my own kids..  it was simple and entertaining.

You need: *  a dish of milk (fuller fat  works  better than slim LOL- pardon the pun)
* A toothpick dipped in dish washing stuff (We used a plastic cocktail stick)
* Food colouring

Drop in the colouring.

Literally dab the stick into the colour  AND WATCH THE MAGIC!

The thing takes on a life of it's own..

The finished version.. but still some funky shapes coming in.

Happy Days!


25 September 2011


We put our clocks forward this morning... "SPRING forward, Fall back" as the saying goes.

Spring is evident everywhere right now.

Yesterday was a classic Spring day. Freezing  in the morning, GLORIOUS day.

"Today is A Shorts day" Op Shop Daddy declared! 

I didn't wear shorts, however! It has to be really hot for that!

I have had this skirt literally for years. It was once a maxi, but I am ashamed to say that I morphed  A LOT of maxis into skirts when I was a teenager. Boo hiss!
Any hoo, I wore this one as a dress.

In the photo I am telling Iris to get out of the frame for a second. I TOLD you I can NEVER get a good photo of myself! 

We went to the Spring Fair, held at my niece's school. I love a good fair, me!

This is my very pregnant sister-in-law ( and my niece) who is wearing my favourite EVER preggy dress. She looks a million bucks in it. I should have got a standing up one of her. This is about her due date now. 

Iris trying Candy Floss. She was  quite impressed. And intrigued.

Handmade dress.
Red merino gifted from another sister-in-law.
Everything else op shopped.

My niece Zoe made all these cute things from socks. SO CLEVER!! I am always so stunned by what she comes up with. We bought the blue one in the middle.

Vintage readers. My sister-in-law took these home.
I remember them well!

She was actually having a good time, despite the face. It was a real treat going along just with  her, and not my boy-tribe. I only had to keep my eye on one!

I have been having a great time discovering a lot of hidden treasure that I had TOTALLY forgotten about from the loft at our other house, which I'm FINALLY able to get to.

I will blog about it all when I get the chance..

21 September 2011

The A-Z of me. Play it back!

I've seen a few of these on blogs lately. I think it's fun to find out all this useles info about people. And it's good to keep things going. A bit like a virtual mexican wave.

I apologise that the last section seems to have got all squished up. Don't know how to fix it sorry..

The A-Z of me


B-Bed size:
King but we need a double next to it, as it's a 'Family Bed' 
full of kids a lot of the time. 
We love it like that!

C-Chore that you hate:
Getting to the bottom of the washing pile.
 It NEVER ends and that does my head in!

Pip, the dog we had when we were kids. She was lovely, but crazy. Those puppies were adorable.

NOt right now, but I quite like them. One day we'll get one I'd say. The kids are enough of a handful right now!

E-Essential start to your day:
I have few choices about this! 
It's mayhem here in the mornings!!

F-Favourite Colour:
A kind of lime yellow mustardy colour that I really can't explain! It's pretty much the colour that is on my Google Chrome tab. 

G-Gold or silver:
Silver but not much. 
Although my wedding bands are gold. 
I prefer BEADS!

5'1" lucky me.
Womble stature.

I-Instruments you play:
Can do piano but not majorly.
Am proud to say that I taught myself the ukelele last week and I'm addicted.
I was a jazz singer in a former life. Still do the odd wedding, BVs etc.
Voice is defo my instrument of choice.

J-Job title:
Crazy Mummy Op Shopper
I was a primary school teacher in a previous life.


Last CHristmas

Don't you love Joe's filthy feet?

On the edge of a huge school field
 in a blue house that we LOVE.
Hamilton, NZ

M-Mothers name:
Robin Isla, rest her beautiful soul.

That's one of my sisters with  Mum. 


I don't have a universal one. One friend calls me Mavis. I call her Mavis too.
My real name is Linda, for those that are interested!

I was called Lindy until I was 7 or 8 and decided I was too grown up.

O-Overnight hospital stays:

A few. 
But only when it's been necessary .
Actually, the worst was with my daughter iris for nearly a week. It's way worse when it's your kid that is sick. (She was 9 days old then and she's perfect now by the way!)

P-Pet peeves:

People chewing gum noisily, especially when in close confines like a lift or a London train or bus. 

Q-Quote from a movie:

"I could have been a contender" (MArlon Brando)
My problem is remembering them. I always think that I will, but I never do.

R-Right or left handed:

Me second from right. 

I have no idea how my parents managed to take this photo!

That's me front right in the green..
I'm a twin.

3 sisters
2 brothers

T-Time you wake up:
5:30 - 6 depending on when I'm forced to. I am more of a morning person than Op Shop Daddy, but that doesn't mean I like it!!

NEVER op shopped!
The only other things I wouldn't buy second hand would be a mattress or a fridge!

V-Vegetable you hate:

W-What makes you run late:
There's a long list, but I HATE being late.
A late nappy-change requirement is a common one, or trying to find something.

X-X rays you've had:
Teeth, broken shoulder a few years ago (I tripped on a toy and tried to save my young baby - my shoulder took the full fall. Shit that hurt. Most accidents happen at home LOL)

Y-Yummy food that you make:
I love baking when I'm in the mood. 
I make a pretty good slice or cookie..
I'm quite expert at eating them too. 
I am also good at stews and soups. And pies.
Bless my domestic goddess heart.

Z-Zoo animal:
Not much of an animal enthusiast, although I don't hate them obviously. My Dad works at the Auckland Zoo and I thoroughly enjoy a wander around it. 
I'm always attracted to those cheeky monkeys. 

Amused? Informed? Play it back! I want to hear about YOU! 

Happy days.

20 September 2011

PEACE! War is over if you want it.

Along with my blog mate Brian 
I am posting today in honour of International World Peace Day. 


(Do you know the Angry Birds computer game? My kids LOVE it..) 

But seriously...

This beautiful song (though not an inspiring vid) should bring a happy smile..

PEACE ya'll!

And Happy Gay Pride week this week in Hams too... Riff Raff is be-decked in rainbow knitted leg warmers and scarves..  I'll go and get some photies of that at some stage! 

19 September 2011

A Foreign Donkey (op shop booty)

I trust this post finds you comfortable, happy and inspired!!

I have been crazy busy.
But I have snuck in the odd trip to an op shop or 2...

The first finds were from last week some time, and they are followed by the ONE thing I got this morning, before I decided that I need go no further...

The plot thickens...

Dump op-shop - $2.50. Beautifully lined with that floral fabric.
Hopelessly addicted to plastic basket weaving..

HIGHLY KITSCH jewellry box.
I don't often stand and consider purchases too long - but I confess that I did waiver about this one. It was so kitsch...

..But then I opened it and it was fabulous. And it plays 'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head' (which I love) so it was a done deal! 

These are a little trip down memory lane. They HAD to be bought!! $4 the pair. Bonza!

ANd then this morning..
MONDAY morning is a great morning at the op shops, and I usually make a bit of a meal of it... 

But in the window of my favourite oppie this morning I saw this lamp.
It was love at first sight.

I felt I'd gone to the mountain top, right then and there. The op shop Gods had presented him to me and I was happy to go home! And so I decided that that was the end of my op shopping today! 

Foreign. I've never seen that label before!

Because I love to gawk at other people's second hand booty
(yes, I know that can be a rude word.. but I mean it in a purely pirate kinda way!) I am
linking up to Her Library Adventures.

Happy days!

17 September 2011


I haven't done a post for nearly a week! How did that happen?
Here's a bit of my kind of eye-candy!

Next time I go to a ball I'm making one of these. Or a version of!

ED EMBERLEY LOVE him!!! Remember his thumb/fingerprint drawing books from when I was a kid..

Cuteness and kitchness.

Is it possible to NOT laugh every time you look at this?! (sOrry to laugh at another's misfortune - hope she didn't get injured..)

I wouldn't want to waste any of my kids' lego on these but they're pretty cool!

VERY clever!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend, wherever in the world you are!!