21 October 2011

Recent Finds (ex loft) and Maxi Murder

 I have got SO MUCH to sort through!! Each time I start I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, and I wilt.. Very short bursts I'm afraid - a SLOW process! 

But I am still excited as there are SO MANY cool things in there.. WOW I've found some brilliant things over the years! I had forgotten about a lot of it!

Like this sample book from Japan..

Bloody fantastic!

These are clothes that I have worn a lot over the years, but completely forgot about them  for about 10 years at least. 

Sometimes I'd find a photo and think to myself "What the hell happened to that dress/coat/shirt/skirt?" 

The memories come flooding back.. it's a beautiful thing!
Trouble is, quite a lot of it doesn't fit me right at this moment! 
Can be remedied eventually..

Fantastic wide tie. One of my boys bounced in and asked me how to tie it. I tried about 8 times and failed each time.. He was most unimpressed!

Just as well I'm not a bloke.

I took a photo of myself (well my shoulder) in this fab shirt jacket thing. Magnificent. 

I was thrilled when I came across this maxi. I often have thought about it and wondered what I did with it..

But then...
I saw this!!!
Remember I said that I converted quite a few maxis in the very early 90s..

I must have had a change of heart half way through this attack..
Butchered! How shameful.

Have a lovely long weekend NZers
and Happy Days to y'all out there, wherever in the world you be!

17 October 2011


So oil spill aside, the Rugby World Cup is approaching the France/NZ final. So here's my All Blacks tribute song which I've finally put on Youtube. 
Thanks Vix - it's a version of Travie McCoy's original.. I'm not that good at pop music these days... - ed.

Thank you for the comments on my Oil rant. It's the biggest story here in my view, Rugby aside!

16 October 2011


I try to save this blog for happy and non-political stuff..

But I can't help mention this oil situation again.

The ship has leaked 350 TONNES into the ocean and there is apparently 700 TONNES more on board. 

As it is heading for Summer the usual pasttime of us NZers is seriously affected in this area of the land. 
And that is a selfish way to look at it..
1000+ birds washed ashore that have died and loads more rescued. As it is Springtime this impacts on their populations.. if they don't die and leave their babies to die, they'll take oil back to the nest and they'll all die anyway.

And then there's the fish and marine life..
And then there's the shellfish..
And the other pollution from the ship's containers...
It goes on.

But we can't have it both ways.
We are an oil-dependent society. WAY TOO MUCH!
A situation like this never occured from a solar panel or a wind turbine.

Rant over.
But it's depressing ain't it?!

12 October 2011


I bet you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth!

I've just been buried under piles of stuff like this..

there are quite a few treasures in here.. but MAN it's a busy job sorting through!
And of course it's dependent on weather and kids and all that...

And I have just realised that all the kids' clothes are the wrong season. Where are all the boys' shorts??? Summer is really on its way.
Three very Summery and very cool dresses I found in the loft stuff .. Phew got them just in time! Next year would have been too late for Iris! My Mum made all of these, and my sisters and I wore them all at one time or another..

Marine disaster going on here in NZ. A dirty great oil leak spoiling some of our popular beaches. Very tragic.

It seems that the support for the All Blacks is going a bit far - when the beaches are painted black. (bad Rugby World Cup joke)
It is very heartbreaking to know about that nasty toxicity floating our way. And just in time for summer too.

School holidays are happnin' right now too. 2 weeks of NOT having to make the lunches and be out the door at any particular time.

Joe's bike pikelet. That boy loves school holidays!

Lego City around here! Love it!

2 October 2011

Recent finds from the Loft

More stuff I pulled out from my treasure hunting/loft-diving/box sorting!!
Such fun!

How cool are these shorts?!

This is a dress I wore when I was a kid.. it might keep for Iris.. if  I can convince her how cool it is one day!

Dress-style togs (bathers/swimming costume..) on the left. Halter neck.
Beautiful pink synthetic party dress on the right. 

Another dress I wore at about 8 or 9. I am going to copy this pattern as it is super easy. The bodice is a rectangle with a cord threaded through to create the tie up. (halter neck)
Another cool polka dot party dress that languished in my Mum and Dads' dress up box for years! Orange lining. Adult size luckily! 

I wait for the wind to blow out the creases. I don't do ironing. Ever!
I shall wash this (I was just airing these things out) and that should do it!

I was always trying to fit into this mini skirt. I love it so.

The end.
Of part 2!