28 August 2011

Recent Finds

 I've been op-shopping.. 
I have never had great resolve. 
There are still things to be unpacked.
Never mind!!

Add fabric to make a funky catsuit!
Hours of fun!

Um yeh, she's not a recent find, but she's so cute I had to chuck a photie in!

Not particularly retro but I found this number. It looks a bit like some of my wallpaper!

As in my previous post, taking a photo of myself is complicated!

"Rupert, Rupert the Bear, everyone sing his name!"

This even has a funky backing. Love it!

I think this is a tea cosy..
(Gil playing with the 20c label!)

I can't resist these spoons. We use them, we don't hang them up as a collection.

OK this is a major thrill..
These are hand tinted photos.
In original frames.
Having a daughter called Iris makes this find particularly thrilling!

Linked up to Her Library Adventures..

25 August 2011

Self Portraits or How The Hell do I get a Photo of Myself on Here??!!

So I see all these amazing blogs with people looking fabulous in their outfits, and I think.. 

Who the hell is taking all these great photos? 
Are you all blessed with talented and willing spouses or family members?
And how are they so patient?

Op Shop Daddy is a lovely guy. Obviously. 
He is talented in many ways and I love him to bits
he couldn't take a decent photo to save himself.

So I thought I'd give the self-timer a go.

The best of several, and even then I had to crop it.

And then I thought I'd try the self-take holding the camera out.

So, you see, about an hour of trying, and that's as good as it got!!

Any ideas you lot?!


22 August 2011

Recent finds

I have a self-imposed ban on op-shopping (until I finish unpacking after our big move) ..
I broke the ban today..
Just a little bit.
2 op shops.
That's all.

Belts 20cents each. Bargain.

Ok these weren't bought today - but I managed to finish hanging them up today! Part of my mirror collection.

You might recognise this.. it's  exactly the same as one I already have.. only in much better nick.

So I'll give away my other one to someone who
wants it or to an opShop..

AND now for something completely different..

I wish I'd seen this at the start of August.. looks like fun, doesn't it?
Maybe I could join it late?

Found it at OH SO LOVELY by the way.

Quite restrained at the oppies wasn't I? 

Very selective these days, as I gaze upon my 2 PACKED garage spaces FULL of boxes!


20 August 2011

Five Friday Faves

Sheesh I missed it again!! (Friday, I mean) 
My favourite thingies didn't jump out and say "Make a new Post about us!!"

So I've hunted them down...
A few scenes from our week 
here in Hamilton, NZ!

1. These frozen undies just about killed my 
3 little guys, they laughed so hard..
Someone had left them out on the deck and
this was the result one frosty morning.

Oh, and don't you love our view?
Yes, that's the kids' school over there  across that field!! Bliss.

2. My radio.
Link to the outside world and keeping me a bit sane. Maybe!
Kathryn Ryan from 9 till noon.
Commercial free of course.  

3. A bit of colour in the grey kitchen in our new house..

4. I found these in the un-pack! They were in my Christmas stocking when I was a youngster.
I LOVED them!
Iris thinks they're pretty cool too.

Anyone else recognise them?
You can click them together and un-click them.. make daisy chains, belts, hair thingies or tiaras etc!!
They are pretty old and a bit flimsy feeling now.. but NOSTALGIA trip here!!

5. Making my boys make one meal a week..
That's raspberry lemonade there folks.
Homemade with remnants of Summer, from our freezer (raspberries)

So those were a few scenes from our place this week.
Even if I don't get time to comment, I often have a quick squizz at what y'all are up to - a lot of inspiring and fabulous people out there!!

I don't know how you guys put up so many posts...
I am in awe!

Hope you're all rocking your weekend!

16 August 2011


SO I can't find my blimmin camera connecter cord thingy so I can't put up the photos I've been taking recently.

So this marvellous snap will have to do instead.

You may have heard that there has been a 'Polar Snap/Outbreak' here in NZ. PLaces that don't usually get snow, have had snow. In Hamilton here, it is unheard of. And we got a wee flurry yesterday that lasted about a minute. The kids at the school (over the back fence) were all out to play as it was lunchtime. What excitement and thrill!!

In other news:

* I am banned from op-shopping until I finish dealing with all the boxes of stuff everywhere, It's killing me. I realise that I am seriously addicted!! I have unearthed a great deal of buried treasure that I'd forgotten about during the house move. They will have to be my 'Recent Finds' for a while!!

Random photo of me and the crew on a train trek one Sunday last month.

* That lounge suite went for $178 in a last minute bidding war. I would have paid masses more for it, had I the chance. Invercargill, for those interested, is in the deep South, on the other island...

Yes it was baby blue and purple. And it was one of those modular ones
you can arrange various ways... Drool. 

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 

14 August 2011


I desperately want this!!!!!

The auction (on Trademe) closes in half an 

But alas,  the suite is in Invercargill, which is miles away.

It is currently on $35.01.

Kill me now!!! The pain, the pain!!!

Oh well.

I shall continue to covet...

And hopefully I'll find one a 
bit closer to home next time!!!

I hope all you NZers are weathering the storm!!

11 August 2011

Weekly COLLEcTION SelectIOn - my challenge! #10 JUGS!


Gratuitous jug photographing.
This is me collating my collections... every now and then I get around to it - but I gotta say - it aint weekly anymore!! Never mind..

They don't usually live on the window sill.
And there are more.
How many jugs does a girl need?
The left one lives near the phone.
The one on the right was on the bathroom window sill..

The 2 industrial looking ones were gathered by John on a garage sale expedition..
That's good old Crown Lynn on the left. Built to last that stuff.

Shabby chic-ness.

Found when carrying my Iris within... confirmed my name choice at that very moment.. I was responsible for the nasty large chip - boo hiss. I will keep it as is though!

Sorry about the lack of posts... So busy right now.

I occasionally have a quick peek at the other beautiful blogs. But I'm not getting around to comment sorry bloggy friends. Hopefully becoming less busy real soon...

Here's hoping!!


5 August 2011

Friday Faves: Colourful Interiors!

This new house of ours is GREAT
but it's very GREY on the walls.

I've been thinking and thinking

And looking around for inspiration..

Pinterest mainly.

These are some faves.
The photo quality isn't great on most, sorry..

Doll House

Very retro

This is actually a playroom!

Paper or paint? Paper or paint?

AMAZING house here in NZ.. featured on a blog about all things turquoise,
House of Turquoise

Very cool loft..

Yellow-ness and sunshine

Pinterest can be notorious for people not acknowledging photo sources.. but I've done my best here!