27 November 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun Times/ Finding Cool Stuff

SOOO>>> I have been absent on my blog for over a week (how does that happen?! Does time actually speed up at this time of the year or what?!)


These are brilliant. They are 'kid size' and in perfect nick. And they were $3 each.

This was at an oppie that I don't often go to, as the prices are usually a bit too steep for my liking... But this was a bargain. It's a shade umbrella that attaches to the pram. Like a BOSS!
New dress. 70s NZ made.
Worn to a party on Saturday night. If I'm looking like a shaggy dog, it's because this was our 3rd party of that particular day.. (a friend's 50th picnic lunch, a massive retirement party/hangi/banquet, and this was a friend's 40th.) All brilliant fun, but we had a half hour turn around for each one... If you've got kids you'll know what that's like!! Hahahaha..

flask. Obviously. $1

Also a buck.
Also obviously.

Over-the-back-of-the-door-hook-thing. How I love thee! I have no idea how I ever survived without one of these.  I have my eyes peeled for more.

This is sleeping bag/poncho. A sitting up sleeping bag? Can be sealed at the bottom or you can put your feet out.

It makes me look forward to Autumn. (not really)

I LOVE my new wall tiki, from my friend Ron Te Kawa, artist and fabric magician. AROHA means LOVE for those non-NZers.
Look him up/ask me if you want one... He uses recycled stuff and he is BLOODY talented. Christchurchians might remember him and his fabulous clothing at the art market years ago. 
Arlo had an accident last holidays.. I thought you'd all like to see his Harry Potter-esque scar.

More posts lined up soon, unbelieveably.

happy HOT days!

18 November 2013

Free Bin Friday (on Tuesday) + a Virus

I meant to post this on Friday.. but I had a virus..
More about this later..

The Best free bins in this town are at The Gateway op shop.. If they have too many toys/shoes/clothes.. they just put great boxes of them outside for people to help themselves to..

I was there the other day when they put a few out ... so this is what I got..

Happy Days!!

and in other news..

It seems I contracted a virus last week.
Well, my computer did.

It came via a dodgy email/message from another blogger...and it appears dodgy messages have also been sent from 'me' to others.

Don't open anything from 'me' that looks a bit strange..

13 November 2013

A Few (phew) Random Recent Scenes

Still here.
Still busy.

MAN there's a lot going on right now!!

Enjoying the current weather.
But PHEW it's getting hot!

.... random recent scenes to follow..

I'm on a juicing frenzy. Loving it.

On the door to Leo's room.. Great tea towel. 
(I've been - slowly- sorting boxes that are STILL stashed in the garage from our move 2 1/2 years ago!!!)
This is a bit juvenile for him probz now.. but I'll leave it up until he complains!

A friend was doing renos and this fell on her from  a roof cavity. She thought of me. (thanks Ton!)
Gift from above. Hallelujah!
it joins the rest of my collection. And one day I might even get some of it on the wall! 

My twin bruv and me and my nostrils.
Last year of being in our 30s has just begun!

Nice new (old) dress.
SYnthetic Symphony.

Arlo in his happy place. (dirt!)
Midwinter finds. Love.

Two of these feature landscapes/tourist attractions that have changed drastically..
(One Tree Hill, Christchurch Cathedral)
And one from Otahuhu. Random.

20c each thanks Red Cross Frankton. 

Eating outside.. a sign of summer..
Those chairs were 8 for $7..  at a Garage Sale a few months ago.
Formerly were the Drury Lane /Clarence St Theatre chairs, which were then passed on to King St church. (where the sale was)
They had a couple hundred, for $1 each that morning, or 6 for $5 etc.

Table was $10 from my local Red Cross.


Told you this was a random post..

3 November 2013

It's a Honey, It's a Hilton!

I'm not op shopping much, due to the fact that it's Golden Time at the weekend Jumble Sales/Garage Sales right now...

But I just happened to be in the neighbourhood of Vinnies the other day (Frankton) and it CERTAINLY would have been rude to not pop in..

WELL they happened to be having a 3 day EVERYTHING HALF PRICE sale!! Yuss!!!

Usually I avoid buying clothes at the oppies (WAY too expensive these days!) except in fill-a-bag rummage boxes!  There just happened to be some 'vintage' there that day too... so I had to buy it! (Like I say, I didn't want to appear rude!)

Crown Lynn.. and I am drawn to things with MOTHER on these days..
Retro baby. I will be gifting these..

Thermos brand flask. Funny how they spelt 'Vinnies' wrong!

Two more cases for my collection!

Birdy vase (Made in Japan) that is now up there with (my ever-growing)bird collection
Look at all those synthetic beauties!!  Yuss! 

Happy Days!

And a question to y'all ----
I've got an overload of stuff - need to move some on..

ANy ideas how/ any takers?!
Should I sell stuff on here or on my facebook?
Would peeps be interested in that or not?

Linking up to Sir Thrift-a-Lot right here.