2 August 2013

Cute op shop scores

I didn't hit the hokohoko shops at all in the hols - I wonder if they noticed their revenue was down a bit???

I have only been once since then  (on monday morning!)
So not quite back to my usual form.

These scores are from previous to the hols..

Cute crestaware 

Cute toddler shorts (that didn't photograph well at all..)
They're black and just MIGHT need an iron - DOH!!!

The pair on the right has teeny poodles on it.
Both handmade.

Just a book from my memory stash so had to get it!

20c-ers. These types of things I find very useful and use regularly.. Small round one is glass, others are plastic.

GREAT towel. Looks better in real life I think.

An Iris plate for my birthday girl (more to come on that)
and a funky square yellow one. The other has a dahlia on it (my third fav flower behind Irises and Zinnias!)

A large pile of hankies that are all the same.. random find! Hello easiest bunting ever!

Happy Days! 


A little bit Country said...

I love Crestaware - so great for kids xo

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Lovely crestaware! :) x

jasmine t said...

awww cool finds! nice plate stash! and great idea with the bunting :)

Zara said...

What a score with all the hankies in the one design.
Great op-shopped treasures yet again. x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Aaaaah so I'm not the only one that buys lovely, sweet old hankies ;). I simply cannot resist them either. I adore the toddler bloomers and shorts so much, such cute wee prints! xo

his_girl_friday said...

Love the teeny poodles!

Brooke F said...

My op shopping always drops off in the holidays because it is soooo hard to drag my brood through any type of shop without lots of grumbling. Love the Crestware!

two squirrels said...

Oh kiddies hankies.......I have such a huge collection....love them.
Love V

thimble said...

those little handmade shorts are so darn sweet!

Allison said...

Monkey bunting!!....the best kind x

pastcaring said...

Love the handles on those Crestaware cups, cute kiddies clothes, and show us the hanky bunting when you've made it! xxx

Vix said...

If only those poodle shorts were my size, I love them! x

Mezz said...

great finds as always!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great finds. You know I have tons of draft posts with op shopped stuff that I never get around to publishing. I've missed you during the hols. Xx