14 August 2014


a moment to put up a post about my recent arrival. 
As you will see things have been a bit hectic around here. 

LAST preggy selfies..

39 weeks.

Bags packed..

Wednesday 6th August 2014
10lb 1oz

This is me and Stan yesterday.
Four hours after he was born I noticed a few things that were different about him..
And suddenly I knew that he has Down Syndrome.

Obviously this was a shock to us, and since then we have been on a bit of a whirlwind rollercoaster ride of emotion and learning. Stan is still in NICU and, heartbreakingly, I am spending my nights at home and my days with him. He is learning to feed and is oxygen dependent as his muscle tone develops.
We are at the start of a very different, interesting, challenging and new journey.
We know this guy is going to bring us a lot of happiness and joy.

He is a precious little taonga (treasure)
and we can't wait to get him home.


Get into it! You'll have no competition from me
coz I won't be op shopping for a while!!!


1 August 2014

Friday Frocks - The 38 weeks edition

This was today...
Iris on her first day of school..
As always, she chose her own frock and outfit.
The girl has style!!
Bless her little 5 year old heart.
My local Hospice Op shop closed down a couple of weeks ago. (boo hiss) They had an excellent closing down sale..
This beach seat was $1..
I am in love with these red wooden beads. $1

This was 50c. I much prefer these older style toys - WAY more robust and built to last!!
Cardy in a colour I don't already have..
Synthetic top..  A bit scratchy. But I like it! LOL.
All the clothing was next to nothing in the sale.

Rainbow girl on her birthday..

In other news, my nephew David Nyika, has won a bronze medal at least at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow...
Over night tonight he is fighting a Northern Irish guy to see what he can upgrade that to..

I will be up at 2am NZ time HOLLERING and trying to be brave enough to watch!!
Go Dave!

 That's my sister and her boy.

Happy Days!