31 May 2013

Op Shops come.. and they go!

I checked out the new SPCA op shop here in Ham, finally! Heaps of cool stuff there! 

So I am in love with this turquoise suitcase, in perfect nick. $5
It makes me want to leave home.
Funky boots for my friend's daughter aged 11 (who happened to be with me..I would have bought them for her if she hadnt been with me.) They have zips ie faux laces. Inspired!
Toiletries bag - I love these.. Velcroed, not zipped  - also inspired!

From our new Hospice @ 5x Roads..
if you know NZ bush - this is just what it's like. I've never seen a hand-coloured one. $2 This will be given to husbo for his birthday on Monday.
(among other things of course!)
Back of the picture..

My son is STOKED with this practically new coat. He estimated it would have cost $60 and couldn't believe it when I told him it was $3 at the op shop. LOL

Cute knitted tank for the 1 year old.

You all know I get a lot of these. I can't resist them. 50c

BEAUTiful plate. 

And Assisi Op Shop (Ham East) is now closing down - I got a few dresses  in their closing sale... this is one. Will put them all in the next post..

Have a great weekend!

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29 May 2013


So it's all wintery here now.
(My kids always feel ripped off because here in Hamilton it never snows. We get the freezing and the ice, but never snow. It's not a snowing place. I know there's a scientific reason.)

Winter means comfort food.
This is one of our favs.
We like to call it "Shirtlifter Casserole"
(look at the list of ingredients and you'll see why!)
I'm lucky coz my kids are great eaters. They will mostly eat what they're given. Plus, they like the shirt-lifter aspect of this one. It's a great excuse to fart, you know. Blame it on what you've been given to eat.

It's tasty, nutritious, easy and just made with staples from the pantry.
I believe the real name is Lazy Lentils..
(recipe below if you're interested!)

And in other news....

We have a 6 year old in the house.. (his mate's Mum made him that lei)

And a 1 year old!

And I got a turquoise suitcase. More about that in another post.

Happy Days!
(and no hair change yet - not enough time to get to it-doh!!)

Shirtlifter Casserole
(Lazy Lentils)

6oz lentils (3/4 cup-ish?)(I've got an old measuring thing that has oz on it!!)
4 onions
2 gloves garlic
2t marmite
1t mixed herbs (dried)
grated cheese 

* Fry onions and garlic. Take off the heat.

* Add rest of ingreds. ,saving some cheese and breadcrumbs for the topping.

* Greased casserole dish, and add 400ml boiling water.

* Add topping

Bake 2hours @ 160c
Uncover towards the end to crisp up the top.

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27 May 2013

Crown Lynn Jackpot

I hit the Crown Lynn Jackpot the other day at the op shop down the road....
(Sallies 5-x Roads)

I found a kitsch Pasifika basket in which to carry my stash home... (new picnic basket)

Here's my stash..It was mostly $1 per piece. 
Pretty jug.. ( maybe $2- I forget)

Royal Kitsch ($2.50)

COLOUR GLAZE (common name for a few lines of Crown Lynn)
This stuff is very desirable, especially the pink. 
This looks like an early piece.. (there were a few early-looking saucers) I love the detail on the  edges.
I have recently found the wonderful blog of Valerie Monk (thank you Indigo Violet!), who wrote  the Crown Lynn bible..
She posted about Colour Glaze here..


Happy Days!

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21 May 2013


Yesterday's finds. I only went to 2 shops, 
on my way to doing what I was sposed to be doing, of course!
After bemoaning the fact that I rarely see Pyrex at the oppies, I found these for $3 the set.

Purple beads. A bit wonky so might have to re-string them, but I am in love with that colour.

Scarves, obv.
If you've seen my chiffon scarf collection you'd know that I don't usually pass them by. they used to be 10c and 20c, but now are usually $1 or more. But are also getting quite hard to find...

I walked into my local fav (Red Cross 5X Roads)
 and saw this just inside the door.
For $1

And it was a happy day!
That is in the stash for Iris's birthday.

Table cloth. Faded but still pretty.

I adore this little set.
Immaculately knitted. Elasticated gather on the dress/vest.
The dress/top has that goose motif on the back.
Totally love it.

$4 the set. 
I went to a garage sale (True Colours charity) at the END of the sale. They were trying to get rid of everything. So I got this WHOLE box of football boots for $1. No jokes.
With my crew, this is a MASSIVE saving.. (understatement)

At that sale I also got 2 awesome wood and vinyl chairs for $1 each that I'll show in another post..

In other news, I am going to start to sell some of my stuff. I need to start reducing now, so I can continue to accumulate!! LOL. Been meaning to do it for a while.
I'm going to be really ruthlesss!!!

Happy Days!!

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18 May 2013

The Marquis of Queensbury

Just a few things here.. 
Mainly from the Dump Shop and Vinnies..

MIDWINTER stuff is usually a winner for me. 
I am never surprised 
when I pick something funky up 
written underneath! 

And look at the price!

 Cute little trio of saucers.

Some great little 10c egg cups. I recon most people my age would remember a stack of egg cups like that.

JOHNSON plates.
I love the way they have a raised rim. No peas sliding off those ones!
(Have you seen Zara's collection in my linky? OMG!!!!)

I love these little handpainted plates. 3 of them. Side plates. $1

Decals before they were called decals!
More plastic-pretending-to-be-glass trays.

This was the type of little book Great Aunts would send us on our birthdays when we were kids. SO cute!

Arlo wanting to be in on the action.

Gratuitous Arlo photo.
He is ONE on THursday.

Hopefully one of the last photos of my hair before I change the colour of it.
And I mean CHANGE!
(AFter a rainy excursion)

Happy Days!

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17 May 2013

Collection Selection Link Party- SPOONS

Just a hastily thrown together Collection today - better late than never!

There are large collections and small collections at my place. 
This is a small one, obvs!
I pick them up when I see them, but only if they're 50c or less (or $1 for cool ones that really appeal to me!)
They sit in this little bowl on the bench by the sugar bowl and the tea pot ..

They're mostly NZ ones (there's the CHCH cathedral there) and the gondola and the luge in Rotorua.
Some are aussie as you can see.
I like them.
They're kitsch.

And they don't take up much space! (win!)

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