19 July 2013

On holiday!

I'm still around - just busy being on holiday!
Haven't even been reading all the blogs I follow- looking forward to a catch up in a week or so..

Phew it's busy having them all home all the time - RESPECT to all you home-schoolers out there!

A little guy with his Daddy's glasses on.

Happy Days!

10 July 2013

Square Dressing- Shiny T link up

I'm linking up to Shiny T Tuesday again this week..

The theme is

The most square-ish print I could find in my closet.
And a square neckline tank.
(Both op shopped of course. The top was free at the Sallies because it has a tiny run on a hem. Gold.)
Looking a wee bit old, and tired. Roll on the holidays! (they're starting tomorrow after school- yay!)
See what I did there?/! 

ANd if you look carefully at my 70s orange flares (op shopped in my teens)
- you'll see it has a texture of tiny squares.

Man I'm good.

(I took these slacks off straightaway after this photo. I felt like I was going to throw up from how tight they were! I've grown a bit since my teens. Doh!!)
(Keeping it real folks!!)

Check out the eclectic interpretations of this theme at Flight Platform Living. And why not join in?

Happy Days!

9 July 2013

Currently Coveting

I don't NEED a thing (except a quieter life some days, and MUCH more money would be quite handy)
And I'm quite happy to just see what the Thrifting Goddesses give me, 
but every now and then something presents itself that I think I would quite like!

So here is my new random series-

I took my carpet in to be turned into rugs by a lovely man who continues to apply himself to his craft (I love that) and he cut and edged my axminster rose carpet..

Anyway, on his HUGE pile of offcuts (mainly variations on grey and beige) I saw this..
I was instantly in love .

Imagine a floor of this!!
Axminster (of course) and SO cool.

DROOL worthy..

I brought it home. It's just a strip. But once I unfold the edge and take the tacks out it might be about 30cm wide or so..
I guess the Doll's House will get some, and I'm thinking what else to do with it. I might line a shelf with it.

And one day, you never know...
At a garage sale somewhere.....

Are you coveting anything currently??

Happy Days!

8 July 2013

McLeod and McDonald/ Tits on a Bull

I found some fantastic wall decoration today.

Two totally different styles.

Both signed by the artists.

All very fanciable in my opinion.

First was this cute pair of watercolour flower paintings..

I love the frames and how she's added little colour-matched bows..

Both by Myrtle McDonald from Wellington, 1975.

And three years later, M.J.A. McLeod  created my new favourite thing.
I was instantly attracted by his/her needlepoint of these 2 colourful kitsch creatures.

See the tits?
I think I'll have to permanently hang it on a pink background (this is the toilet room wall)

M.J.A. McLeod, thanks!!

HER ? 

(I have loads of booty to share - just breaking it up a bit!!)

Linking this one up to

Blackbird Has Spoken, Op Shop SHow-off

7 July 2013

Collection Selection Linky Party - Planters

INspired by the lovely Planter collection at Thimble (I love that blog!!)
my collection today is a wee stash of planters. Not as eclectic as the ones at Thimble..
but I find it hard to pass them by.

I pick them up when I see them, but only if they're under $5..

These 2 burros twins are great mates. 

They live on the window sill in our room. But that might change. Depending on if I find any more!!

NZ Green Buttons 
Vintage Bird Girl

will be getting some Mother Scout love in the mail..
PM me your deets girls!!
And thanks to everyone who joins in.

6 July 2013

Hokohoko Haul

Phew I've been busy!!!
One more week till the holidays and it really feels like it...

I have been doing minimal op shopping for my standards.. but I realised that there were a few things I haven't shared on here..

I have also added my blog to facebook, finally, if that's a way you'd like to follow.

We are going to be well sorted in the Summer - getting quite a collection of these now! I CANNOT resist buying them when I find them (usually at Jumble Sales or the Dump Shop).. Only ever buy them for $10 or under..

I've found these before but didn't realise they're made by Pyrex!

Little bit o' christmas from the Cat's Protection League Jumble Sale last week. I love their sales - so good. You have to rummage. Here and here are some other CPL sale hauls! They are run by the sweetest Cat Lady. She is so passionate about her cause.

And I met a lovely blog reader there (Hi!!) Which is SO nice. I love it when that happens!

Nice softy duvet.
Hand tooled belt..

Boots for me. Yayar.

Tomy Owl Clock. When you push the button on the right the owl's eyes open and show you the digital time. Love it. 1975.

Lace up belt. I have a suspicion the bow gets tied at the top - what do y'all think?
I am going to make these as gifts. Very cool.

Red white and blue on the 4th. Just for my American readers!
Happy Days!!

Collection Post coming up tomorrow..

Linking up at Sir Thrift-a-Lot

3 July 2013

Red Sky at Night / A New Book

And the theme is 
Red Sky at Night

Coincidentally I went out to play last night.
And I wore red.
(not last night's actual sky lol. It's from google images..from  a science website)

It was all in honour of this cool new book...

...the book launch last night in aucks.

Two of my sisters-in-law..
There was a third there at some stage!

This lovely guy talked about his memories of working for Crown Lynn for 20 or 30 years, and of the big Crown Lynn daddy Tom Clark, whose wife Trish was there..
He said they were the best years of his life.. Had some great stories..

Here I am feeling a bit star struck with Val, the author.. She was lovely!

Happy Days!!

And by the way, if you're a Crown Lynn enthusiast, you should get your hands on this book!!

Linking up to Shiny T Tuesday as I said before..Check my mate Jane out in her fantastic redness!