27 January 2012

FROCK ON A FRIDAY! (finally!)

We'd rather Frock up on Friday than dress down! Join us!

So I'm gonna try and do this as a regular gig. I've mentioned before about my major handbrake to this - I have to take the photos myself and I am really bad at getting good shots. Need to invest in a tripod, but it's WAY down on the list! 

This is actually Saturday as I write this.. oops! Maybe next week I'll manage to post it on Friday! 

I got this on our way back from camping at an op shop in Te Kuiti (legendary  op shops down there) for 50c. 

I'm not going to fit it for too much longer..

cardy - op shopped Marks 'n Sparks
necklace - op shopped years ago.
dress - label says MADE in NZ LOL and was 50c.

Have to remember to take a photo of the shoes - although in this case they aren't very exciting.. I bought these NEW many years ago for my brother's wedding. I was Best Woman so it was a bow tie alternative. And I can't wear any kind of heel right now and these are completely flat. I have horrid wide feet so photographing them is a bit outside the comfort zone! 

20 January 2012

Summer. finally!

We lucked in! After an horrendous start to the Summer, we got terrific summery weather when we went to the beach/bach. SO GOOD! Just heaven. Kids in heaven. Bliss.

My friend Soteria watching the kids while I sit at the end of the section with my cup of tea! This is first thing in the morning. 

This is how we sleep after a hard day at the beach!

Bump shot! Over half way through now. Like my preggy togs/swimming costume/bathing suit? It's a genuine 70s dress style one that I've had for years. (long before I was ever preggy!)Not that you can see much of it, but you get the idea..

At the end of the section, watching the gannets dive!

Checking Uncle Mike's catch out!

Happy Days

Off camping in a couple of days...

Might get a chance for blog browsing/commenting when I get back!

10 January 2012

Happy New Yeah!

Belated New Year wishes! Yeah! 
Hope it's a good one!

I don't usually do the resolution thing - I don't want to set myself up to fail!

But I tidied out my wardrobe the other day (preggy stuff in, Winter stuff out - finally!)
and I found myself saying that this year I REALLY should not ever, never,  say: "I have nothing to wear" If I'm saying that, I'm just being lazy!.

I might even try to frock up on Fridays.. 

The weather in NZ has been SHITE! The worst summer in years. Or ever. I think there have been 5 rain-free days so far. 
Off to the beach tomorrow - we'll see if we get some Summer weather - hoping!

Happy Days!

1 January 2012


I never seem to get a chance to get on here and put up a post.. must be the holidays!
So I am going to roll several posts into one here.. Well I'll just put a few snap shots in.. I haven't been dedicating myself to photo taking lately. Too much to do! Too hot!

I got a couple of PMs asking what I made for the people I had to make bake sew or grow for (that's how we did our presents this year - it was great)
So here are 4 of them. I also made my oldest nephew Josh some freezer meals as he has just left home.. We pull names randomly out of a hat to work out who to give to. As I have 4 kids, we had 4 kids to give to, plus one couple..  

We had lights just like this when we were kids.. This was for my sister and BIL

Flower Fairies for one of my nieces.

This was for Isla to put her hair clips on (the ribbon) and I put a loop in the ribbon at the bottom to hook her hair bands in. 

Macaroons that ended up looking a bit like psychedelic hamburgers. Hmm. 

I will not bore you with Christmas photos.. just 4! We had a great day. Usual morning excitement for the kids, following on from the night before excitement!
We hosted Christmas day festivities here at our place. 

I FINALLY resisted, after a lot of  hinting, asking and pining, and got them NERF guns. They have entertained themselves endlessly ever since, shooting the foam bullets at targets and windows, Which has been quite good actually as it has rained solidly here for 3 or 4 days. 

Challenge: arranging seating for 33 people of all ages, shapes and sizes!

Iris + christmas pie + one of nephews on christmas eve at my sister's house

I have enjoyed having a quick gawk at everyone else's festivities. What a great time of the year!
I will try to dedicate myself to more blog posts in 2012!
I am writing this one at 4am as that is when I can get on here for any length of time!
+ I can't sleep (it's a pregnancy thing!)

Happy Days!