3 April 2014

Monthly PosT!

Yes it seems I am managing a post a month right now! 
I have technical issues too - my ancient PC is in serious need of being upgraded..
Frustratingly, it takes a long time to do anything on here.. My last post took 3 attempts to put up. While I'm on this topic, I would like to apologise to my blog friends - I can't open quite a few of  your blogs - it goes straight offline when I try - so annoying. Hoping to remedy the situation soon!!

Here are a few finds from the last few weeks..
This was ST Patrick's Day - I found these perfect little old things at Vinnies the week before. Bonza.

Vinnies half price sale - egg cups for the 'pretending kitchen', tea tin, quite a cool kitsch cake tin, (I just hang the lids on the wall, and use the box for storage). Etc.

Brilliant sleeping bag. Doesn't smell at all (Do y'all do the smell test like me?!)

Cute shoes for baby. (50c)

70s invitations.
20c drawstring bags. Great for puzzle pieces, socks, gloves,  etc etc. I love these things. 

Um yeh more baskets/bins. Also great for socks etc!

Great glasses cases for my collection. Vinnies in Frankton has baskets full of glasses cases ALWAYS and glasses behind the counter. They are $1. Little tip for interested locals!

Easter tat.

I've said before how I really don't hunt down clothes for myself at the op shops these days. They are just TOO pricey.
I buy at jumble sales 'fill-a-bag-for-$5' usually instead lol.
But at recent half price sales I found a few nice dresses.. and at half price it's do-able (eg $3, $4) I'll try to model some of these soon-ish!
Great skirt/dress that goes nicely over the bump. And a sheet obvs.

This was a the kind of thing I used to get given for my birthday as a kid. It's 1973 and very cute. Made in Japan.
 25c (half price) 

It's now in my handbag.

So that's about it. I actually have a few posts lined up that I'll attempt to put up..
Hope all you readers are enjoying April so far!
Strange wet stuff fell from the sky today here in Hamilton. Arlo didn't really know what it was.

Happy Days!