2 November 2014

Spring has Sprung!

If you're still here - HI!!
I was inspired to put a post together - coz the hallowed yellow skirt ARRIVED in my letter box!!
This skirt has been travelling the globe for a few years and many very awesome people have worn it!!

I wondered when it would arrive.
I thought I might be the first pregnant woman to wear it..

But since my Stan has arrived already he had to feature..
And if you didn't already know, October was international Down Syndrome Awareness/Enlightenment month. 
The colours are blue and yellow so, well, that was my inspiration.

Naked boy needed some clothes!

He's a precious little guy.
Unique and cute, just like my other kids.
There was an intense time at the start adjusting to the diagnosis.. 
and the medical roller coaster continues.. (NOT MY BAG!!) 
but Life.Is. Good.

This skirt is unique too. It's hard to not feel spritely and positive in it.
Yellow is most definitely a happy colour!
THanks for all the lovely comments and all the support we've had in the last 3 months. It's been AMAZING!

I have aven been to a few jumble sales recently .. and I'll blog those up some time soon.

AND IN CASE you missed them.. here are all the amazing women of the world in this very skirt..
That's the magnificent Melanie centre left who thrifted the skirt originally.. Check out her blog for links to all the posts featuring these amazing women. And join in too if you wanna!!

Happy Days!

20 September 2014

Stan the Man

I am still here!
Blogging has momentarily taken a backseat as I navigate through a busy and adventurous journey with our wee Stanley Man. I will make a return to blogging (and op shopping!) when I finally get used to the 'new normal'... but I have had some peeps asking where we are at right now...

Stan is 6 1/2 weeks. We have spent 4 days in total at home with him, and the rest of the time has been spent in the hospital.

He has had a few things going on, but he is a little champ.
After 3 weeks in NICU we came home for a weekend and the kids were so stoked! They love him..
but we went back in a couple of days later for nearly 2 weeks..
3 days later we were back in - this is him during last week. He has had a bit of a bumpy road.

The main thing is how tough it has been logistically - working things with the other kids and John working.
But we have been humbled and amazed by how much support we have had. A huge network of beautiful people and such thoughtful acts of kindness for us this whole time...
It has been mind-blowing..

We are looking forward to Stan getting well enough to come home.. his siblings miss him!

Thank you for the lovely comments and emails after my last post.

I hope to get back to blog reading again soon too!!

Happy Days to you all.

14 August 2014


a moment to put up a post about my recent arrival. 
As you will see things have been a bit hectic around here. 

LAST preggy selfies..

39 weeks.

Bags packed..

Wednesday 6th August 2014
10lb 1oz

This is me and Stan yesterday.
Four hours after he was born I noticed a few things that were different about him..
And suddenly I knew that he has Down Syndrome.

Obviously this was a shock to us, and since then we have been on a bit of a whirlwind rollercoaster ride of emotion and learning. Stan is still in NICU and, heartbreakingly, I am spending my nights at home and my days with him. He is learning to feed and is oxygen dependent as his muscle tone develops.
We are at the start of a very different, interesting, challenging and new journey.
We know this guy is going to bring us a lot of happiness and joy.

He is a precious little taonga (treasure)
and we can't wait to get him home.


Get into it! You'll have no competition from me
coz I won't be op shopping for a while!!!


1 August 2014

Friday Frocks - The 38 weeks edition

This was today...
Iris on her first day of school..
As always, she chose her own frock and outfit.
The girl has style!!
Bless her little 5 year old heart.
My local Hospice Op shop closed down a couple of weeks ago. (boo hiss) They had an excellent closing down sale..
This beach seat was $1..
I am in love with these red wooden beads. $1

This was 50c. I much prefer these older style toys - WAY more robust and built to last!!
Cardy in a colour I don't already have..
Synthetic top..  A bit scratchy. But I like it! LOL.
All the clothing was next to nothing in the sale.

Rainbow girl on her birthday..

In other news, my nephew David Nyika, has won a bronze medal at least at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow...
Over night tonight he is fighting a Northern Irish guy to see what he can upgrade that to..

I will be up at 2am NZ time HOLLERING and trying to be brave enough to watch!!
Go Dave!

 That's my sister and her boy.

Happy Days! 

23 July 2014


I'm still here! 
37 weeks of baby inside me and pretty uncomfortable..

But feeling fine otherwise!
There has been a lot going on, so blogging continues to take a back seat... I imagine when the baby is here and I'm boob feeding many hours a day/night I might get a chance to sit at a screen and multi-task...Maybe!

Here are a few snaps of things going on lately..


Iris in one of my frocks and my shoes (obvs) She is still the queen of the dress ups.

A velvet dress I remember wearing to school when I was 17. It's just so lovely, comfy and handmade..
And I remember the exact op shop at which I bought it, for 50c.

Dress Up Girl again, who has also learnt to pose pretty well!
Wearing a gold lurex top of mine as a dress. Bless.

Sometimes I let her have access to my brooch collection...

My nephew David on his way to the Commonwealth Games - very exciting. He's a boxer. (Not my favourite sport, but I'll force myself to watch it!)
He is one of the nicest 18 year olds it is possible to meet,
by the way.
Just saying.

(And see what I mean about Iris + posing?!)

ARlo is just the cutest age.
And I always find it amazing how they look so little and cute - UNTIL the baby arrives! Then they all of a sudden look like great monster toddlers.
Bless him. He has no idea what is just around the corner..
The latest Hundreds and Thousands zine..
I love it. Very cute and fun. Cool people and ideas.
Gawd that's a massive bump! My favourite thing to do though.
 SIt. Read. Ignore everything else! 

Excuse the face!
That's my 'I'm a bit over it' face..


3 July 2014

Frock on a Friday

I went for Tapas last night with some 'old' school friends.
We catch up every now and then. 
I'm trying to get all my catch ups done before I am attached to a baby/couch for 3 or 4 months...
Excuse the slapped arse face...
My entire outfit is op shopped of course (
I always end up having to write that, surprise surprise!!)
and probably cost a total of $4 or $5.. Apart from my boots which were Campers bought on Trademe.. 
All these photos were taken in bare feet as putting on shoes/boots is actually an epic mission at the moment and I ended up doing it in the car on the way!! (I was not driving lol!!)

That's a cheesy smile because I escaped from the bedtime mayhem last night. Yeah! John is going to the rugby tonight so it will be my turn. Not quite so yeah!!!
However, the floor still looked a bit like that when I got home.. Chaos! There are also racks of washing everywhere and piles of washing waiting to be done... ENough rain already!!! Today is actually lovely. 
Nearly 35 weeks...
School Holidays have just started for 2 weeks..