17 February 2015

Wombles and Stuff

I can't believe I am actually beginning this post - I hope I finish it! It's been a long time between drinks. My intention is to get back to regular blogging eventually... watch this space!!

Life has been tootling along.. we have been pretty good on the whole. Stan has been healthy (she touches wood hastily!) but we have ongoing issues with feeding. He is not really thriving, weight-wise , at the moment.. so that journey is a bit of a bumpy one.. 

I miss op shopping. I very occasionally have managed to pop in to an oppy enroute to somewhere else usually.. At the end of last year I got to a few SAturday Jumble Sales with a friend.. but haven't for a while. It's not very busy and the sale-ing scene at the moment.

Here's a few of the new-to-me things from the last 3 months!!

I flew in to a jumble sale that was about to pack up.. thinking there would be nothing left... and there was this sitting there waiting for me!

Crazy kitsch
and only $1.

Cheap cheep
for my kitsch birds shelf.

Very cool, built-to-last 10c toy.

The buckets open and close when the yellow trigger button is pushed. 

Wide-eyed critter. I never pay more than $2 for one of these..

Note to self: dust. fly spots.

I find fabric like this irresistable. 

Wombles cup, from 1975. Much like the cups we had as kids. I usually buy wombles stuff when I see it. It's a sentimental thing.
Like this ugly as hell Madame Cholet that was in a box of bits I bought at a jumble. She would scare the life out of me if I didn't know who she was! Not sure where to put her. LOL

Speaking of wombles, this is Stan sporting a fab towelling number I've had for MANY years. I think I may have bought this even before I had any kids. His cheeks are like that because he reacts so badly to the tape that holds his tube in. We have to switch it over every 2 or 3 days on account of that. 

One of my kids took this superhero pic before christmas. Very cool.

And, because we missed it on the blog altogether, here is the whole crew on Christmas day, in the backyard, in the christmas tees my friend gave them. 

Happy days!

( as usual, I will try to do more blog reading... I wonder what y'all are up to out there in Blogville!)