31 July 2011


Hello Bloggers!!

We have moved.

It has been a busy 2 weeks of school holiday, and moving our lives from one house to another.

And our internet access just got sorted out today! Yay!

That's a strange pic taken by my son of me, my green cardy
and a green shirt I was hanging in a closet! I kinda like it!


It still is, actually!!
Don't ever let me see another box in my life.

Amongst it all, Iris turned 2. 

That was a nice breather from unpacking boxes!

One of the stranger things I uncovered...(I found SO MUCH stuff that I had forgotten I owned - and it hasn't  finished yet!) This was a sign from our wedding day!
And don't you love the view from our deck!

Lucky us...

Hope you're all happy and well out there in Blogland!

15 July 2011

No TIME - So SEW!!

So that's what you do when you've got so much to do!

I'm sposed to be packing boxes, cleaning stuff, selling my house etc..

So I sewed last night till 2am. Cushion covers for my friend Kathy's 40th. 
Used some of those woollen blankets. So nice to sew with. And I remember being a kid and listening to Mum sew as I went to sleep...

Hope all my bloggy watchers are hapy and healthy right now!

11 July 2011

OP SHOP BOOTY - recent finds

3 funky old photo albums from
the dump op shop. 

Very cute shoes for Iris.
That girl is easy to buy for!!

I am utterly and strangely attracted to this rose-topped basket.

Inside another glorious kitsch number..
Candle holder centrepiece?

Dress. Love Love Love it. 
About knee length on me so maybe more a shirt thing.

Long scarf

This fishing game has been amazingly popular with my whole crew.
Very low-tech for these days!

Thanks for all the comments re my house nostalgia. Don't get me wrong- we're happy to move (obviously - we bought the house!) Just as I pack I get sentimental pangs. Often.
But we're excited too..

Happy days!

Joining up to Her Library Adventures
and Apron Thrift Girl.. spreading the op-shopping love!!

And also THIS ONE HERE.. at Meet Virginia Design...

8 July 2011

Five Friday Faves


I commissioned some Raglan artists to make this gate after my Mum died.
(Chris and Shelly Meek)
It will come with us when we move..
This is where I have had 3 out of my 4 children.
We have had many fun and crazy times here.

We are excited about the impending move to another green pasture...

But I'm feeling highly sentimental about this little ole house of ours here tonight!!


This is the de-cluttered version.
Feels like a bit of a shell with nuffing on the walls etc!!
Our new house doesn't have one above the kitchen bench,
and I'll miss that little tat shelf!

It also has been where I keep Iris's clothes
and Gilbert's clothes.

My Woman Cave!

All our stuff off the walls in this photo once again..
But happy days in here!!

that go around the top of the kitchen..
Maybe we'll have to make some more at the new house!!

4 July 2011

It's all a blur!

 There's a lot to do when ya move 6 people into a new house, and you've gotta sell your 'old' one!

Sheesh it's busy 'round here!! 

1 July 2011

Five Friday Faves

1. This cute monkey, made from jandals/flip-flops/thongs.. I want him/her, in my back garden.
It's how I often feel at the end of the day!! 
Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman.

2. This wedding party makes me want to get married again!
To the same bloke, of course!!

3. Um, yeh.. my kids' lunch boxes DO NOT usually look like this!

4. This idea is genius. And why don't I get one of those in my bench?
Compost bucket underneath and away we go! 
Rock and roll.

5. Can't wait to get OUR stuff into this new house of ours!!This is a REal Estate photo. 20th July.

And to answer a few questions from all my lovely bloggy friends..
* Yip it's still Hamil-vegas. Only now it backs ONTO THE FIELD OF THE KIDS' SCHOOL!! YUSS!!
I can stay in my PJs all day and pop them through the gate when it's nearly bell time!! Kidding, of course.( Their school is called WOODSTOCK, for those that are interested!!)

* It is bigger than our current house, by 25msq. Still 4 bedrooms, but a sleepout too. Wicked, innit?!

* It is daunting thinking of getting packed etc, but I am really looking forward to unearthing stuff. For instance, my FROCKS must be in a large bag or 2 or 3 or 4 somewhere.. (loft?) Having breastfed for many years.. I stashed them away.. (breastfeeding + frocks = tricky!) Looking forward to joining in the Friday Frocks thing!!

Happy days, y'all!