19 July 2013

On holiday!

I'm still around - just busy being on holiday!
Haven't even been reading all the blogs I follow- looking forward to a catch up in a week or so..

Phew it's busy having them all home all the time - RESPECT to all you home-schoolers out there!

A little guy with his Daddy's glasses on.

Happy Days!


Mariela said...

Have a great holiday! How cute is he with those glasses! I love putting glasses on babies and cats.

Penny-Rose said...

OMG he looks just so cute!!!!! I love the axminster carpet it is one of my favourite patterns. I bought a house lot of the red gold brown swirly pattern and got it cut into rugs. I hope you and your family have a lovely school holidays. I am on duty this week and really looking forward to time with my 11yo.

two squirrels said...

Yay school holidays!!!!!!!!
Look at your wee man........Clark Kent or Superman.......so cute.
Love V

pastcaring said...

Ha, Arlo is such an intellectual! Home schooling? Can't imagine anything worse! Our school hols start now, looking forward to some lie-ins and laziness. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I know, how do families do it? My cousin home-schooled her four daughters at once ... I might be able to manage one, but a tribe? **sticks pins in eyes** I hope you're having a lovely break from the school routine. xo

Sue said...

Oh how I remember the school holidays!! Busy times when the boys were small but all good fun. Your little man is growing fast!!

bonsaimum said...

He looks so cute and happy.