29 November 2011

Feeling GOOd!!

OK.. It's been a LONG time! Over a month since my last post.

And here's why.. I've been SO SICK.

It's pregnancy-related..

That's right - Number 5 will be arriving in May!

I am now feeling terrific, since a few weeks back.

I cannot begin to explain how unwell I was. You may have experienced it, or maybe not. It's like the worst hangover ever. And you can't really take anything for it. You don't want to move, and CAN'T move your head or your body. No energy. No motivation. Vomiting and constant nausea..

My mojo is coming back too.. 
So I shall throw some photos in of various, random things. Not very exciting, but it's all been a blur! These photos are from when the cloud was lifting..

Me on my birthday - which this year was 11 11 11!
Each year on such dates we take a photo with  the numbers..
I'll try and track down the 10 10 10 and 999 etc at some stage!

My twin bruv and me..
We had a BBQ. First BBQ of the season. 

At 11. 11 on the 11. 11. 11.
With the oven clock!
Another photo of me (there aren't often very many - I'm usually on the other side of the camera)
Not a huge zoo fan. But this was a kindergarten trip and to be fair, the animals have HUGE spaces in which to roam/play/live. 

I am looking forward to catching up on what my blog-fellows have been doing!