20 September 2014

Stan the Man

I am still here!
Blogging has momentarily taken a backseat as I navigate through a busy and adventurous journey with our wee Stanley Man. I will make a return to blogging (and op shopping!) when I finally get used to the 'new normal'... but I have had some peeps asking where we are at right now...

Stan is 6 1/2 weeks. We have spent 4 days in total at home with him, and the rest of the time has been spent in the hospital.

He has had a few things going on, but he is a little champ.
After 3 weeks in NICU we came home for a weekend and the kids were so stoked! They love him..
but we went back in a couple of days later for nearly 2 weeks..
3 days later we were back in - this is him during last week. He has had a bit of a bumpy road.

The main thing is how tough it has been logistically - working things with the other kids and John working.
But we have been humbled and amazed by how much support we have had. A huge network of beautiful people and such thoughtful acts of kindness for us this whole time...
It has been mind-blowing..

We are looking forward to Stan getting well enough to come home.. his siblings miss him!

Thank you for the lovely comments and emails after my last post.

I hope to get back to blog reading again soon too!!

Happy Days to you all.