18 September 2016

Random Recent(ish) Finds, Part 1

Some of the stuff I've found over the last half a year or so... minimal words!! (due to minimal time!!) But im still trying to spread the thrifting lifestyle love via this blog! Excuse my randomness!

COT Stan is actually our first baby that has slept in a cot - so we had to buy one!! 

Dolls, linen etc

ANOTHER brolly for the collection


From the Dump Shop - when Frank Casey suit hire closed down recently I got these hat boxes - PERFECT for christmas deco storage. Win.

Handmade slippers, Needlepoint /decal patterns book

happy days!

17 September 2016

Op Shopping in Rotorua

Hello Blogland!

About a year ago, while my husband tried to work out a way to save the education system (NZEI conference) Stan and I spent 3 BLISSFUL days in Rotorua  sleeping, wandering aimlessly and op shopping. It was Absolutely brilliant.

We're doing it again in a week's time! (which was what inspired this post!)

Firstly a shout out to a blog called Rotorua Travel Secrets for the opshops info! I didn't necessarily agree with her/his opinions about the best op shops (that's subjective of course) but it was SOOOO good to have the heads up about where to find them all!

Nice little church one in the city centre.

Also in the city centre.

That's Stan, as he was. He's a year older and bigger now obviously! 

This was a little beauty, with the friendliest, loveliest staff. 

My utter and total favourite. I absolutely LOVE this one. It's out of the way in an industrial area off Lake Rd, so not as obvious.. but an absolute gem. My favourite type of op shop is junky ones like this, in which you have to literally treasure hunt and rummage. And heaps of heaps, everywhere. And the woman working there still wears her actual specs, funky ones from the 50s. May this hospice shop NEVER change!!

This was next to nothing. 

A bit more than I like to pay (coz I'm a cheaparse) but I couldn't resist these from the Habitat for Humanity store. 

My basketry obsession continues.

Makes weighing oneself a little more pleasant.

When I showed the kids this, and they asked if it works, I confessed that I didn't know but for 50c it was worth a go. Of course my oldest son popped up with a line from my favourite Macklemore Song (having technical issues  can't link it!)
 "Saw a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard." Crack up. 

Old toys are best. Actually. 

Cute bags of cheap Christmas kitsch stuff. #stash

Clothes, linen, fabric obviously. 

A different colourway of this pattern to what I already have. Score. 

I obviously had to get this, because of the Irises. (and because I ALWAYS buy these if I see them and they're a good price!) #collectALLthethings

Cute winking dog. 

Look out Rotorua - I'm coming at you again!