31 October 2012

Hallowed Halloween Awards (according to me)

I've had a halloween overload!

It's way more of a big deal in other countries than it is down here.
Partly because it's not all pumpkins and autumn leaves here right now.
And it doesn't get dark till about 9pm.

Our version of trick or treating is often some kids with no dress ups on at all, carrying a plastic bag, bashing on your door and saying "Got any lollies?". Bah Humbug.

 But it's fun to see the excitement in other parts of the world. And we do do dress ups here sometimes. (We're having a 'Hallo-fawkes' party in the weekend at some friends' place who live out in the countryside. Bonfire etc and scary games..)

Here are my Halloween Awards for the Year 2012, from my blog friends..

Best Halloween themed photo: Vintage Coconut

Most friggin amazing costume: Heather's Thrifty Closet (Half raven, Half Edgar Allan Poe, of course)

Most effective and simple kids' costume: Mum of All Trades ( incl tutorial, no less)

And now for something completely different:

A couple of questions answered:

1. The mouse is gone. We got 2 in a trap and poisoned another. And that's all I know about. Shudder. I'm sorry if that killing them offends mice lovers all over the world but it is me or the mice in this house - and my kids need feeding! I now can't open drawers in as carefree a way as I used to - for fear of one jumping out... incl the dishwasher drawer in which I MAY have seen one crawling over the CLEAN dishes. Bleugh. Faint. 

2. Carrying the haul at a Jumble Sale can indeed be challenging! A good question! Fortunately the women and men running the one the other day were so lovely and offered to stash my stash behind the counters. This of course is done at one's own risk. There is a chance that things may be lost or resold, so frequent checking was required!! 
Then  I stood guard over the loot while my wonderful Sister-in-law went and got the car from down the road and we got a park right outside. The second hand gods smiled down upon us that day.

So that's that mystery solved for those who enquired!
A little tip while we're on this topic: Always go to jumble sales with lots of carry bags that can go over shoulder or even on the back!

You're welcome.


Truly Myrtle said...

blah mice! We've just caught two too - IN OUR PANTRY!!! We were both wondering how we were ripping so many holes in the flour bags.... the custard pot thing was attacked ... and then we noticed all the poo ....

Fading Grace said...

We used to have mice when i was little, we used this humane trap thing, and my Mum used to make me walk miles to set them free...I didn't mind though, but I swear two days later that same flippin mouse would be back again!! I now have a splendid furry black mouse catcher named Arthur who does a fine job of keeping down the population!!
yes halloween is turning into Christmas, I fear it is just a ploy to get us to part with our money...hmmmm
have a good night
Sophie x

saving for travel said...

There's a mouse in our little cottage somewhere...I heard it clawing away last night but Mr Sft hasn't yet.

Not sure what we can do as it's under the floor boards!

Glad you've got yours sorted.

Thank you for explaining about getting your hoard of goodies home from the jumble sale. I do take bags when I go thrift shopping or to boot sales.

It's a great tip.

Hope you enjoy your Halloween Celebrations. Not many children live in our lane so it's low key.

Sft x

Vix said...

Glad you've caught the mouse. You're tapping into my phobia with that eight-legged freak on Arlo's ear...arghhh!
The skanky brats around here want money and don't bother with fancy dress either. The padlock and chain go around the front gates come dusk, the curtains are shut and out comes the rum. x

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh thank you for the Halloween photo award! =D

That Half raven, Half Edgar Allan Poe costume is INSANELY AWESOME! *WOW*

I don't hate mice but I don't like them in the house. It's freaky to see a little buggar scurry in front of your feet.... *eep*

Miss Simmonds Says said...

amazing costumes!! Melanie cocoloco is always hilarious too.xxxx

Max said...

The half raven costume is amazing! Perhaps you need a cat? Disgusted as i am by finding the occassional set of paws and a tail on the front door step it does beat having a live body wiggling around the house. I have an old granny shopping trolley i take to big jumble sales, though even that would have been of little use to hold your bumped haul!!!

pastcaring said...

Great costumes, Melanie is always hilarious and that Edgar Allen Poe-inspired outfit is fantastic.
Mice? No, don't want them in the house, thanks.
You make a rather fetching zombie! xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Love those fab costumes - especially the headless kid! Ooh I've had a few mouse plagues over the years... I hate to kill them too, but sometimes it's me or them and I pay the mortgage! Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love3 your Hallow'ene awards, the raven/Edgar Allen Poe outfit is amazing and I love your creepy zombie piccy, me and the hubby had great fun with that Hallow'ene app too, but I looked a bit too scary in mine. We have a cat which should solve the mouse problem but she has brought mice in from outside then they've escaped from her, plus finding the remains of ones that didn't escape is always horrible. xx