25 October 2012

Friday Floral

A further floral, on this stunning fabulous friday..to finish Floral Week.

Chronic bitchface syndrome.Wow I look mad.
I actually wasn't. I was posing for the self-timer. 
Had to add some flowers to lift the mood.

These plastic flowers were our garden in our studio flat in London!

Doing my famous cover-up-the-messy-house-thank you-picmonkey trick..

Top: Got it this week at Gateway Op Shop, in fill-a-bag for $3. Gold
Cardy: Crochet purple. Op shopped YEARS ago and still love it
Once upon a time it did up at the front LOL!!

Black yoga pants: given by a friend when I was pregnant.I had to cut about a metre off the bottom of the legs.

Have a lovely Friday!!!

Don't forget to join in the tea party if you want! (see previous post!)


Anonymous said...

A little floral always lightens the mood. You have gorgeous eyes by the way but I beat you hear that all the time.

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

I love your Picmonkey trick!! I am always taking photos that I think I can use on my blog and then when I look at them there is just TOO MUCH MESS! Now I will know what to do...thank you! And you do have gorgeous eyes. x

Tania @ Out Back said...

Floral always looks cheery! Even with a mad face :D

I love that quilt!

It is funny how one does not see the mess until it shows up in a photo lol! Dont worry, you are not alone...


bonsaimum said...

Love your top-what a find.

Sharon said...

love your floral. Can never get enough floral. That purple cardi is awesome too.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love your Picmonkey trick! I took some photos for my blog today that could do with that, I think I'll have to make a Picmonkey wig for my tatty hair too. Love all your beautiful flowers including your London garden. xx

saving for travel said...

I love that blue top. Just my kind of thing.

You look great-with attitude!

Sft x

Truly Myrtle said...

Loving that purple crochet!

Lynn Dylan said...

You have GORGEOUS blue eyes!! I love all the flowers. Enjoy these mommy days. Mine are nearly all grown up -- the baby is 14, and it sure goes by fast!!!


Sue said...

Your flowers from your London days are perfect!!