27 October 2012

Virtual Tea Party

When I suggested to Iris that we have a tea party, she really didn't need much encouragement at all!!

She stipulated a pink theme.
The dolls and teddies were dressed appropriately.
And the seating plan strictly adhered to.

There was pretend food for the toys..

..and pink coconut ice for us. 

"Would you like a treat Mummy?"

Iris was (ahem) in charge of milo/tea.

Iris took some fab photos of the event.

Thanks for hosting
Mum's Simply Living!!

 Everything is from an op shop..
* the wooden cake stand and food (gifted)
* the felt food (handmade by my sister-in-law)
* 2 of the dolls (gifted)
* the doll's highchair (Iris was given that by her grandparents for her birthday)

The dolls, teddies, tea sets, toy sets, tea cosy, doll clothes, our clothes, table cloths, table, chairs and vase/jug are thrifted..


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love tea parties too, something I hope she never grows out of! Ada :)

Max said...

So pretty! Love the dolly in a crinoline teapot cosy (?) x

Sue said...

How sweet, a tea party!! Beautiful Iris ♥. My boys when small would have tea parties with their teds, not that they would admit to it now, but I have photographic evidence I do!!!!

bonsaimum said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. :)

Chloe G said...

What a great time you're all having! I'm quite jealous of your thrifting haul :-) I'm guessing 'op shops' =charity shops in uk?

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

LOVELY, you forgot the baby, also not from an op shop ;)
i need to host a tea party for my little one, but we do not have very many toys, tea things, as we just moved and the toys are coming by ship!

Liz said...

Aw - so sweet, what a lovely post!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

BadPenny said...

Oh what a lovely pink girly party. I haven't had coconut ice for ages. - thanks for the reminder ! Gorgeous.
I haven't any littlies anymore so my tea party with mum is quite a grown up affair - if you can get a babysitter do pop over and join us !

dreamer said...

Pretty tea party Iris xx

Love how arlo's tee shirt coordinates nicely :)

gabrielle said...

looks like a lovely tea party, love Arlo's pink stripes. In answer to your question I do work night duties at the Hospital otherwise I would never see the sunrise, I'm a fan of sleepins

saving for travel said...

What beautiful photos. You will treasure those memories.

Sft x