16 October 2012

A tenner

I went to Vinnies today. 

The bustling metropolis of Frankton, Hamilton.

My loot on the counter.
I was in there for about 10 minutes.
And I saw a really nice friend of mine in there too. Bonus!
Breaking it down!

Love this knitting needle canister. She must have thrown it in for free

My favourite kind of tea towel, with hand crocheted border.
This was actually more than I'd usually spend on a tea towel.. but I love it.  Nice old quality linen.
I would NEVER pay full price for something like a coathanger..  (bunch of 10 for $1)
Why would anyone?! Seriously!

$10 + 10 minutes
+ Vinnies =

Happy Day!

Footnote: $10 used to be equal to about 4 quid or so.. Not sure what it is right now, but will be similar..


lasophia said...

My fave is that lime green nightie! Im currently all about lime, strange timing considering it's fall. Especially key limes yum. Great finds like always.

Sue said...

Jeez mate, me and the other Sue were down town Frankton today also. I got a gorgeous table lamp from Vinnies I did. We will have to meet up there one Wednesday. Date??

nancyworegreenstockings said...

That knitting needle case is just so awesome and I adore that lime green nightie! I'm with you - I could not imagine paying full price for things like coat hangers. Or almost anything else, really.

pastcaring said...

Good work! Nice haul for a tenner, and no, I never buy coat hangers retail either, one of the charity shops I go to always has a box of hangers for free.
Why do other people's op/thrift/charity shops always look more interesting than your own? xxx


Just so love that nighty ... Go Girl!

Vicky x

Misfits Vintage said...

Love the knitting needle holder and the tea towel! Sarah xxx

bonsaimum said...

What a great haul.

Danya Banya said...

I love the tea towel & the knitting needle holder. Well done!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I LOVE that nightie and the knitting needle case - psychedellic! xx

Julie said...

That nightie is amazing. But I do love the Kiwiana Table Cloth more!! Good haul.