15 October 2012

"Life is what happens to you...

....while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

So here I am..

it has quite clearly taken me 10 days to get 'round to doing another post!

School holidays have finished (2 weeks).. and we're into the 4th and final term for the year.. Wahoo!
So Iris enjoyed all the attention she got today,, incl from a certain fairy godmother,, but that's another post altogether!!
Some holiday snapshots..
* Throwing stones into the lake near their grandparents' place

(incidentally - this is not pic-monkeyed.. It is a feature on my trusty Point-and- Shoot camera that I always forget about. For those that are dying to know)

* Check out the rainbow. We've seen LOADS of those in the last 2 weeks. Talk about 4 seasons in one day! Phew!
That boy of mine there broke his elbow on Day 1 of the holidays. At the playground.

* Trying to catch a seagull at the beach, nb the string they are waiting to yank when the seagull goes into their trap!
They waited a LONG time. Bless.
* Family. Food. Friends.

For those who asked - it's Whangapoua, on the Coromandel Peninsula.
* On the way home - the Driving Creek Cafe in Coro. MAKE SURE YOU GO THERE ONE DAY! That's another photo of it at the top. Blogger is being a pain in the arse and I CANNOT make that photo get down here, no matter what I do! Random. 
* LEGO awesomeness
I went out the other night. To a party.
Sans Arlo!
It was great!
There were lots of new and old friends there and even a blog stalker or 2!
(Hello you guys!)
And this is me when I got home - having been rung by John to say that Arlo was NOT happy about my midnight partying antics and why hadn't I taken him with me?! Mean mummy!! I was on my way out the door anyway. Poor John tried all the tricks but Arlo wanted ONE thing only!! 

I have a whole load of scores to show you. 

When I get to it.. 



Max said...

Gosh that looks nice, i've always wanted to get up to the coromandel, mainly to go see driving k creek pottery/railway. Looking forward to seeing whatcha scored x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

look at that beach with the little islands!! looks idyllic

Frugal Queen said...

whanga-poo - the backward leg kicking movement by my dog trying to kick grass over his own poop - joking aside, that's a beautiful place

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. I look forward to the time we can holiday in NZ such a pretty country.

I'm glad you were able to pop out for a bit of a party. I do know that feeling well when nothing will keep babe calm then........ahhhh boobie suddenly quiet.

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous photos. Oh I remember those days when only a boob will do! Well done for getting out and partying a little! xxx

bonsaimum said...

Your holiday spot looks lovely. :)

Georgia Rose said...

Your family are bloody adorable.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love this post, so many lovely photos. Glad to see you got to a party. I went to my first one in ages the other night and it was my seven year old who wasn't happy until I was home again. xx

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

Hope your son is better. My son broke his elbow in march he was 4 at a playground in Coogee beach, Sydney. He needed an operation . His dr was great dr Solomon, whose son ran I the 200mts final in the Olympics in London. Did your son need an op? My son's elbow is I would say 100% fixed now!
Take care lovely blog and family!