29 October 2012

Fair Loot


I am going to do a post soon on this topic of op shops becoming too expensive. I have read lots of other people's posts about that very thing just lately too... 


I can't imagine church fairs/jumble sales being anything but bargainous, no matter what happens in SOME op shops!

I spent $60 ($49.32 US/ $47.52 AUS/ 30.64 GBP/ $49.17 CAN) 
This annual sale is always amazing. This year it was almost overwhelming. HUGE piles of everything. Everywhere you looked. They don't do clothes or shoes anymore as it was too much!

Blue stool. Bit weathered but I love it and the weave is in perfect order.

My fav - Paradise Springs Rotorua.

Christchurch Town Hall
Tea Tray to add to my collection

Large tin. Mum had a round red and pink version of this.

Kids' stuff. Some will be appearing under the christmas tree/in stockings! 

Two vintage cuisenaire rod sets. A veil that Iris is going to die for!!

A quite ugly, but strangely appealing 80s leather hand bag, rainbow bag, and the melbourne wallet morphs into a shopping bag.
dolls clothes

6 really good quality sheets

* Silver cake servers, spoons etc
* Brooch and earrings set
* The necklace I have been searching for all my life
* A brooch  (there was a whole table of brooches $2 or $3 each + loads more jewellry)
* old pink nail care set

* Huge bag of bling for Iris
* Pink teaset. I have a blue one to match!

2 random bags of stuff. I'll keep the good stuff and pass on the rest to the oppie..

3 old board game boards.
They will look neat on the wall in the kids' room.

* Cute little cotton hand embroidered shirt -says a dormir
* metal fruit bowl
* pink plastic bowl. I LOVE this!
* random books. I hardly looked at the books they had. There were so many.  
My kids are currently obsessed with Mr Bean!
* Beautiful big sewing tin
* Very large tin rubbish bin

I also bought morning tea for me and my sister-in-law.
So pretty good bang for my buck I  recon!
Well less than $1 per item if I were to work it out. 
And such fun.

Get into it NZ!
Spring Fairs/ fetes/gala season is upon us!!
Rumble at the jumble!

Happy Days

I'm going to link this one up to Sir Thrift-a-lot's Thrift report

and also at A Living Space 


Vintage Coconut said...

That looked like one hell (*eeep it's a church sale, insert proper word here*) of a good sale.
*Adore your blue weave stool & pink bowl*
I AM CRAZY about old wallpaper, you find is FANTASTIC.
I picked myself up a tea tray (We call them T.V. trays here.)this weekend too. Yours is totally funky!!
I am toy obsessed when I thrift shop. You got yourself quite the score of awesome.
I am just at a loss for words on al your finds. Now if only the churches here would get their act together and host some big crazy sales. *lol*

cupcakecutie said...

Love the pink tea set! And the cuisinare rods...OMG I remember those from primary school 30 years ago...eeek. I think you did really well with all your goodies. How do you manage with all your loot, do you take lots of bags, do trips back to the car or take handy helpers?

Vix said...

Wow! Love the letter rack and the fishy tray, that stool's rather groovy, too! That souvenir stuff is fun, it's all 1960s Spanish kitsch here and I love it!
The kids are going to be occupied for hours with those toys and games.

saving for travel said...

I think it's wonderful that you got lots of things for Christmas. Esp. liked the finger puppets and rods (yes I too remember them-thanks for bringing back memories).

The stool is also a really pretty colour.

I too wondered how you got back to the car with all that stuff.

Great Haul.

Sft x

nancyworegreenstockings said...

What a freaking impressive haul! It's really amazing. I can't believe how many fab things you found!

I love the stool, the nail set, the jewellery, the wallet bag and the rubbish tin the best. Seriously, you got so many amazing things, especially for the kids. It's just awesome to look at.

nzgreenbuttons said...

Amazing! I'm been searching for that "tour of NZ" board game for a while so, a bit jealous!!!!

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

YES I agree amazing. We have no op shops here in southern argentina (patagonia). I would love to get my hands on some dolly winter clothes and some used doll house furniture for my little girl. I love your haul. Great stuff. Love the little shirt A dormir, thats what i tell my children when it is time to sleep, Time to sleep.
Keep well

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

I love that blue stool and the black tea tray thank you for following me too! popped over to visit and follow you too!

Aqeela said...

Wow!! Ive had huge hauls like this before and it keeps me happy and skipping for days! Isnt it amazing what people have cluttering up their homes for all of these years!?
Aqeela xx

pastcaring said...

Love love love it all! You did brilliantly! The sheets, the tins, the toys, the tray... I bet you had a fabulous time rummaging! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wowsers women, you went mad. So much cool stuff for you and the kids. I love the letter holder, sheets, finger puppets, pink tea set, the tin rubbish bin. But what I'm really green about is the wooden rods, I remember those from primary school and I'm dying to find some for my kids, I've been searching forever.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

OMFG! What a haul! Now where do I have to look to find out when these things are on??

one denim bird said...

Holy freakin Moly!! You sure did snavel some serious bargains!!! Nice to see the good old flea market still a bargain hunters delight! Love those kitsch round placemats and the cuisenaire set is cool. Dolls clothes, sheets, finger puppets - the LOT!

gabrielle said...

wow great haul, Santa likes to shop at the oppy round these parts too

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Wicked tin!

I always wanted a nice letter rack, but the though of the word "BILLS" always visible, it just doesn't sit right.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Not something I want a reminder of when I'm admiring my vintage goodness around the house!

♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Dearest Lou said...

Wow you got so much stuff! You are quite the bargain hunter (;


Jasmine said...

Wow! you did AMAZING!! you know what i was thinkin i would like to do today... get a whole lot of kids and women's clothes and do a huge clothes swap once a month or something.... would be a great way for mothers to get to know other mothers. dunno where to even start. why doesn't anyone do that?

Julie said...

Whoa! Love this post!

bonsaimum said...

What a fantastic haul.You lucky lucky personage!!! :)

Sue said...

Totally agree with school and church galas being the best of the best!! Just have to be reasonably on time to get the best stuff. Last one I went to was at the Gordonton Primary. You did all us op shopping bloggers proud!!! Take a bow young lady and pat yourself on your back!! I learnt to count a primary school using those cuisenaire rods!! And I love your Pearls!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

The Christchurch town hall place mats are the most boring yet amazing things ever. I don't know where else to begin! Getting loads of second hand stocking fillers is a genius idea!! I would've been fighting you for that sewing box and the bin!! X

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I am mental with envy!!! What a fabulous bunch of treasure. I especially love: the sheets, the blue tin, the lovely blue stool, the books, the brooch, the jumbo pearls, the rainbow bag... well, EVERYTHING!!! Sarah xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm not sure why I've missed your last few posts....grrr blogger! Wow what an amazing haul! I love the tins, the brooches, the pretty plastic bowl, retro sheets, the groovy stool & the tea tray. I found my first ever tea tray last week & thought of you!!! I was wondering what you do with all of yours? I'm not sure whether to have it on display or use it practically. Xx